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The main symptoms related to herpes are blisters around the mouth, genitals or rectum that burst leaving painful sores. The first time you have an outbreak this may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms, including swollen glands, a temperature and aches. If you are wondering is there a test for herpes and you currently have the presence of these blisters or sores a herpes swab test can be performed; this will be cultured in the lab to grow cells and whether the virus is present will be determined with the help of a microscope. Sometimes it is possible to obtain home test kits, allowing you to swab at home and then send the sample off for testing. However, this relies on the presence of visible symptoms, which is why a blood test for herpes can be more useful.

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Blood Test Herpes

The blood test can be carried out even when you do not have an outbreak of sores and may look for herpes virus DNA or it may determine whether antibodies against the virus are present in the blood. If you are wondering how accurate is herpes blood test there is a small chance that a false negative or false positive result may be obtained. A false negative is more likely if you have only been recently infected, while sometimes a test will indicate that the virus is present when it is not for an unexplained reason.

Can You Be Tested for Herpes

It is easy to be tested for female or male herpes and you can either approach the doctor you normally attend or use the online services of KwikMed. The latter is sometimes preferred, as there can be a degree of embarrassment when you think you may have a sexually transmitted infection. The first step is to create an account with us if you do not already have one. Once logged in you can obtain a brief consultation with one of our doctors who will decide whether the test is appropriate. All being well, they will sign off a requisition form for the required test and this will be e-mailed to you once you have made payment. All that you then need to do is print off this form and present it to the chosen lab that will draw blood and carry out the test for you. You can have the results back in your online account in as little as three days and at most five.

Free Herpes Testing Chicago

There are a number of clinics in Chicago and other cities across the United States that offer testing for herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases free of charge. Wherever you live it should be easy to access herpes testing kits Philadelphia with its high rate of the disease is an example of where it is easy to obtain these. However, even being able to access a herpes testing kit Philadelphia residents along with those in other parts of America may prefer to use an online service to obtain a blood test.

Herpes Blood Test Results

Once you have the results you will know whether or not you need to receive any treatment. Although herpes can’t be cured, anti-viral drugs can be taken to manage symptoms or make you less likely to infect your partner. However, if you have sores present it is vital that you avoid sexual contact to minimize infecting others; even if you use a condom if sores are not completely covered the virus can be transmitted. That said, condoms do remain the best way to greatly reduce the risk of being infected with herpes in the first place and should be used with new partners until you both have been given the all clear for diseases passed on through intimate contact.

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