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Having the ability to test yourself for the HIV virus from the comfort and relative anonymity of your own home is a big step forward in the fight against the spread of the disease. Individuals who may previously have avoided testing through fear of stigmatization can now get tested on their own terms. Using a simple oral swab or finger-prick blood sample, at home HIV tests check for the existence of HIV antibodies. These proteins are produced by the body in reaction to the virus itself, so are a great guide in determining if an individual is infected. HIV AIDS statistics NYC may show a decline in the number of diagnosed cases, but this may simply be because people are not getting tested. Home tests will contribute to eradicating that uncertainty of numbers.

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Reading HIV Blood Test Results

Interpreting your HIV blood test results is at one level very straightforward – the result will generally be positive (you are carrying the HIV virus) or negative (you are not). Most tests will also have readings that indicate the results are inconclusive, or that the test has failed for some reason. In these cases it may be that you have not conducted the test correctly, or simply that the length of time since you became infected has not been sufficiently long to produce enough antibodies to react with the test. This can take anything from 2 weeks up to 6 months.

Home Access HIV Test

Getting access from home to an HIV test is easy, and may be something to consider following the recognition of AIDS HIV symptoms in men or women. KwikMed are licensed to provide this service in the US. Setting a simple online account up with KwikMed allows you to request the test, and following a consultation phase your request will be approved or not depending on your circumstances. Once prescribed, taking the test is a easy as printing the requisition form and visiting your local lab where blood will be drawn and analyzed by professionals. Your results will be available online at KwikMed within 5 days.

In Home HIV Test

Raising and maintaining awareness of the way in which HIV is transmitted and managed is a constant battle for the medical profession and authorities. HIV transmission facts get easily blurred and confused if not conveyed in simple terms – HIV can be transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, or breast milk. Situations leading to the transmission of these fluids include unprotected sex, sharing injection needles, and direct blood contact of any form. Getting this message across accurately is key. AIDS statistics in Florida, NYC and California show that these 3 areas have the highest concentration of HIV cases in the US, largely amongst the younger population. The US is not alone, with similar patterns seen in HIV young people UK.

Insti HIV Test

Insti HIV tests involve you taking a sample of your own blood from a finger-prick and subjecting that sample to a series of fluid-cased reactions that deliver result within an hour. As with all home tests the results are reasonably accurate but can be wrong, so it is always best to get re-tested if you think that you may have contracted the virus. There is still no cure for HIV or AIDS, but HIV treatment news is good, with moderns meds being widely available now, and sufficiently effective to significantly prolong life in many cases by delaying the onset of AIDS. Public awareness of and support for sufferers continues to rise, and is aided by the production and sale of amulets such as AIDS awareness bracelets, which are worn with pride by many sufferers and uninfected people alike.

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