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Aids statistics in the US show that there are just under half a million new cases that developed in the year 2012 alone. There were a further 1.2 million cases of HIV diagnosed as well. Hiv aids statistics San Diego show that in just that one county alone there are well over 10,000 people living with the condition. As far as hiv young people United States based account for around one quarter of the total number of people who are infected in America and they are typically aged between 13 and 24 years. Estimates also show that up to 60% of young people who are infected with the illness do not know they have it. This makes the notion of Rapid Testing for HIV all the more important so that people can be aware of their health situation.

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An RNA HIV test is also known as a Viral Load Test. It can be used around two weeks after the body has been exposed to HIV to check if the antibodies are present. They are then used to check the progression of the disease and as a marker of how many antibodies are developing in the bloodstream over time. There are many misconceptions about how HIV develops and how it can be caught. Many people wrongly assume that it can only be transmitted from a man to a woman. This is not true, hiv transmission female to male is more frequent than scientists and doctors first thought. Studies that were done in Uganda show that there is a 2 to 1 ratio of female to male transmission, which means that although it is still less likely to be caught by female to male transmission, there are are considerably more cases than there used to be.

Rapid HIV Test

Taking a Rapid HIV Test can be one way of resolving any worries you have about your health, especially if you’ve been researching various aids hiv symptoms in women and men online or reading up about them generally. Typically, for both sexes the symptoms will be the same; there will be feelings of fatigue or extreme tiredness. You might find that you’re more susceptible to infection. Fevers, headaches and nightsweats become common. In women, they may find that they pick up regular bouts of thrush which they cannot shake off.

Saliva HIV Test

Taking a test for HIV from a saliva or blood sample is a good way to diagnose whether or not you have the condition. To do so safely and privately, register with KwikMed. Simply set up an account, have a quick consultation with one of our physicians who will make sure the right test form is sent to you. You then take this to a local test lab and have your sample taken. This is analyzed and the results sent to your account privately and securely within a matter of five days. Only you will have access to them. It really is as simple as that.

Home Test for HIV

Sadly there is still no cure for either HIV or AIDS, but scientists are working to try and find one. There are a few hiv treatment options that can be prescribed to keep the symptoms under control and reduce the viral load in the bloodstream, but it cannot be eradicated altogether. Events like aids awareness day are put together to highlight HIV and AIDS and bring to people’s attention the need for greater compassion and understanding for anyone who is affected by these illnesses. They are also designed to give support and care to anyone newly diagnosed and struggling to come to terms with their situation. It is important to remember that with anything like this, you are never alone and there will always be someone to talk to should you need it.

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