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If you think you may have been infected with syphilis a simple test can be ordered over the internet to help identify whether or not you have this sexually transmitted disease (STD). It can provide peace of mind, as even if you are infected, whatever stage it is picked up at you can be treated with antibiotics. It is very straightforward to order a test via KwikMed. Firstly, if you do not already have an account, create one. From here you will be able to access an online consultation with a doctor, who after asking a few simple questions will be able to authorize a requisition form for you. This is necessary, as a test for syphilis needs to be approved by a physician. Once approved and you have made payment, the form will be available for your use within 24 hours. Simply print it off and take it to one of the listed laboratories in your area. They will take a sample of blood for testing and once conducted you can expect to have the result in your account within five days.

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Syphilis Antibodies Test

Syphilis is caused by a bacteria, which is usually passed on through sexual contact; for syphilis transmission oral, vaginal or anal sex is not necessarily required, as even very close intimate contact with an infected person can transmit the infection. Three months after infection the immune system will start to produce antibodies against syphilis as an attempt to control its spread through the body. The test for syphilis checks for the presence of these antibodies.

RPR Syphilis Test

The test for syphilis is sometimes referred to as the rapid plasma reagin (RTR) test. While it is commonly used to aid diagnosis in people displaying symptoms, it is also offered routinely to pregnant women. This is because women with syphilis can pass it on to their developing baby, known as congenital syphilis. In congenital syphilis blindness can be a problem, but other symptoms of infection include a skin rash which is highly contagious, anemia, as well as altered growth and development. If found to have syphilis, a pregnant woman can be prescribed antibiotics to clear up the infection to prevent transmission to her unborn child.

Syphilis Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit

Through the services of KwikMed you can arrange a test for syphilis very promptly, so in little more than a week you can have the results. This allows you to commence treatment sooner, protecting your health and preventing the spread of infection to others. If you suspect you have syphilis or another STD you should abstain from sexual activity, as even if condoms are used when they have syphilis symptoms men and women are at particular risk of spreading the bacteria to others; though the disease can still be passed on even in the absence of symptoms. Only once you have received the all clear or have successfully completed a course of treatment should you resume sexual activities; even then avoid having numerous sexual partners and use condoms with new sexual partners, only ceasing their use once you have both been tested to show you are free from STDs.

Syphilis Pictures Rash

A rash is a common symptom during the secondary phase of syphilis, so it is useful to know how to spot it. The rash is characterized by red and brown raised areas that may appear across the whole body, though syphilis sores on hands may occur by themselves. However, during this phase a low grade fever, sore throat, weight loss, swollen glands and headaches may also be present. That said, syphilis without symptoms may occur or may not be recognized. This is why some people delay seeking treatment, by which time it may have caused irreversible nerve damage. The following can be an indication of neurological syphilis symptoms hearing loss, altered reflexes, reduced mental function, mental health disorders, a stroke or seizures.

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