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Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection, with around 55,000 new cases diagnosed in the United States each year. When you are first infected with syphilis you will develop a chancre in the area the bacteria first made contact with. Although this will often be the genitals or rectum, in syphilis symptoms mouth sores are not uncommon. Wherever the site, these are painless sores, though in syphilis yellow discharge may be present from it. While this liquid can be tested for the presence of infection, the most usual way to check is to have a blood test. You may request one if you notice symptoms; alternatively a sexual partner may tell you they have been diagnosed themselves or pregnant women are routinely offered the test. Although a doctor needs to approve a test for syphilis, this does not necessarily require a visit to their office. You can use the services of KwikMed, as our doctors can authorize a requisition for a blood test after a short online consultation. Simply log into your KwikMed account to access this service; once payment has been made, the form will be available for you by the next day so that you can arrange a blood test with a local lab.

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Syphilis Blood Test

The blood test works by detecting the presence of syphilis antibodies. These are typically produced three months after the initial infection. By this time you will probably have begun to develop other symptoms. During this secondary phase you will usually experience a rash, so syphilis sores on legs, arms, chest and back can occur. This may be accompanied by a temperature, sore throat, weight loss and generally feeling unwell. However, sometimes symptoms may not be present. When women do not realize they have syphilis and pregnancy occurs, the infection can be passed to the unborn baby. When this happens they can experience a range of problems after birth. The syphilis symptoms in children can include slow growth and development, anemia, bone pain and a skin rash; an abnormally large liver, spleen and lymph nodes may also be present. Diagnosis will be confirmed by a blood test, though additional procedures may also be required to identify the extent of the disease; for example in congenital syphilis bone x ray may be required.

Positive Syphilis Test

If you do receive a diagnosis of syphilis, the good news is it is highly treatable and if picked up early you can be cured without any lasting symptoms. All that is required is a regime of antibiotics. Usually it is penicillin that is used, but in those with an allergy to this drug, alternative antibiotics are available.

Syphilis Rapid Test

After having the blood test performed, the results will be waiting for you in your KwikMed account within five days. Having the results this quickly avoids an unnecessary wait, which can be an anxious time. It also allows you to start treatment promptly, improving your outcome. However, it is vital that until you have received your test results that you avoid sexual activity and intimate contact with others to prevent the potential spread of infection. Condoms significantly reduce the syphilis transmission rate, but they do not remove the risk entirely.

Syphilis Pictures Symptoms

If you think you may have syphilis or another sexually transmitted disease (STD) it is important that you do not delay testing. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of syphilis and other STDs; there are pictures available of what the lumps and skin rashes associated with these diseases look like. However, prevention is always better than cure. The key to keeping yourself free from STDs is to avoid having multiple sexual partners and to always use a condom at the start of a new relationship, unless you have both been tested and given the all clear for these infections.

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