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Bald Spot on Head

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If you notice a bald spot on your head, it is understandable that this may concern you, as while a certain degree of hair loss is normal, it is not usually enough to cause visible patches of scalp to appear. However, it is reassuring to know that most bald spots are nothing to worry about, though if you notice patches of hair loss, it is best to keep an eye on these and look out for any other symptoms that affect your scalp. This is because your hair loss symptoms offer an important clue to the cause of your balding hair, allowing you to receive the right treatment.

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Bald Spot on Top of Head

The most common place for a bald spot to appear is on your crown. However, before you notice a true bald patch, you are more likely to spot that your hair is starting to thin on top, and that the characteristics of your hairs start to change, becoming shorter and finer. It is also uncommon for balding of your crown to occur in isolation and most likely your hairline will begin to recede before you even notice any hair falling out from the top of your head. As all of these changes can take place gradually though, it may take some time till you actually notice your receding hairline and thinning hair on top.

Causes for Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is the most likely explanation of a bald area on your crown. While this form of male hair loss is most common among men in their sixties, it is not unusual for this pattern of hair loss to begin in your thirties or forties, and some men even experience this problem in their twenties. With a characteristic loss of hair from the front and top of your head, another cause is unlikely, but if you have several bald patches or your bald spots are located elsewhere on your scalp, this suggests an alternative form of alopecia. For example, another relatively frequent type of hair loss is alopecia areata, which causes circular bald areas to form. These bald spots can develop anywhere on your scalp and while there are usually just one or two of them, more extensive hair fall is also possible in alopecia areata, as is rapid hair loss. Unless you have the classic signs of pattern baldness, it is important you don’t self-diagnose your condition, so you should seek advice from your doctor on the likely cause of your hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness

Although male pattern hair loss tends to run in families, there is more than just genetics to explain why your hair falls out in this condition. In male pattern baldness you have an over-sensitivity to dihydrotestosternone, which is a breakdown product of testosterone, and this triggers changes in your hair follicles, making them smaller. As a result your hair follicles initially produce hairs that are thinner and shorter, but over time they stop producing hairs altogether. However, not all the hair follicles are affected at the same time, which explains why balding occurs gradually. Thankfully, a treatment is available which can halt this hair loss and may help to restore your head of hair.

Pattern Baldness

If you would like to stop your scalp hair loss caused by male pattern baldness, Propecia is an ideal choice of treatment, as it prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, tackling the root cause of your baldness. The daily tablet is also a more convenient option than applying lotions to your scalp, and produces more effective results than using minoxidil lotion. With a prescription for Propecia you can look forward to no further hair loss and in many cases a fuller head of hair.

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