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Syphilis is a relatively common sexually transmitted infection (STI) that has been increasing in prevalence since 2000. As it can go on to cause severe health problems it is essential that if you believe you have been infected that you get tested to allow treatment to be started. Typically a painless sore will develop three weeks after infection. The site depends on the route of infection, but this is almost always through sexual activity. As well as sores in the genital area and rectum, syphilis sores on tongue and in the mouth are frequently seen. To develop the infection you need to have contact with one of these sores, so for oral syphilis transmission saliva alone cannot spread the disease. Although a swab can be taken of sores to check for the presence of syphilis, a blood test is the preferred method. This works by looking for antibodies against syphilis that the immune system produces in an attempt to fight off the infection.

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Syphilis Blood Test Accuracy

Lab tests are not 100% accurate, but this is the best way to receive a diagnosis. In syphilis the stage of the infection determines the accuracy of the results. During the early stages antibodies may not be produced, so a repeat blood test may be required. They are therefore more accurate in the secondary and latent phases – and the final stage if it has been allowed to reach this. The presence of other infections or diseases with an immune system involvement can influence the results.

Home Syphilis Test

The option to book a home syphilis test is appealing, as it does not require the initial face to face consultation with a doctor. Men in particular can find this embarrassing, which is why syphilis symptoms in men progress further before they seek help. However, a syphilis test is still regulated, so there remains the need for a consult with a physician. Luckily this can be conducted online, which allows KwikMed to offer the services that it does. All that you need to do is create an account, log in and select the option for a consultation. This will take little of your time, but provides you with the requisition form that you need to receive the blood test. After you have paid for the service, you will have the form sent to you electronically, so you will have it by the same time the next day. With this you can use the services of a licensed lab to draw the blood and test it for the presence of the relevant antibodies. In another five days you will be able to access the results via your KwikMed account.

Syphilis Take Home Test

Through this home testing for syphilis you will know whether or not you need to seek treatment. If this is required it is straightforward, as antibiotics will be prescribed for you. However, if you are lucky enough to receive a negative test result, you may want to re-evaluate your decisions with regard to your sexual activity. Consider always using a condom with new partners and if you want to stop using these to both get checked out for the full range of STIs.

Syphilis Pictures Women

It is particularly important that women of childbearing age are aware of the symptoms of syphilis and what the sores look like; for syphilis symptoms pictures are helpful. This is because if you conceive while you have untreated syphilis and pregnancy complications occur you are more likely to suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth. If your baby survives they may have congenital syphilis from transmission while in the womb. The symptoms of this can include reduced growth and development, problems with their blood and bones, as well as a swollen spleen and liver; in congenital syphilis yellow eyes may occur due to jaundice. Neurological damage may also be present and congenital syphilis hearing loss can occur.

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