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If you are concerned you may have contracted syphilis you might be contemplating a blood test to check for its presence in your body. As you may well know, syphilis is usually transmitted via sexual activity, though syphilis transmission through blood products is a possibility. Usually the first signs of the disease occurs within three weeks of infection with a lesion known as a chancre in the area of the body where the disease causing bacteria entered; even though they appear so from pictures, syphilis sores painful they are not. In the second stage of syphilis symptoms rash may appear, along with weight loss and signs indicative of flu. A test and treatment can prevent its progression to the later stages of the disease.

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Syphilis Blood Test False Negative

When you are tested for syphilis by way of a blood test, the chance of a false negative is very rare; if you have the condition it is highly likely that this will be picked up. While false positives do occur more commonly, they are still relatively rare. If you do receive a positive result and are wondering is syphilis-curable or not then the answer is yes. When you receive the correct regime of antibiotics you will be cured from the syphilis infection no matter what stage of the disease you are at. The only thing is that some of the later symptoms are irreversible, so you may be left with some permanent damage, but at least you know your condition won’t get any worse.

Syphilis Antibodies Test

If you are curious as to how the test for syphilis works, it is designed to detect the presence of antibodies that you produce in response to the bacteria. These are usually generated by your immune system within three months of exposure, which is why a very early test may not reveal their presence. If you suspect this may be the case it is wise to avoid any sexual contact in the meantime to avoid spreading the infection and at the very least use a condom if you do. You are highly infectious when you have syphilis and rash or chancre contact only once is all that it takes for someone else to pick the infection up from you.

Syphilis Test

If you do not want to approach your own doctor for a syphilis test it is now possible to obtain one online via KwikMed. You will still receive a consult through your account, but it will be conducted over the internet. The physician will sign off for a requisition form, which you will receive shortly after payment has been made. After printing out the form you can take it along to an approved laboratory in your vicinity, which can take a blood sample and then perform the test. In five days you will have the results available when you log in to your account. If you are pregnant do not delay in having the test. This relates to the fact that if you have syphilis there is a high chance you will pass it on to your baby. Owing to the congenital syphilis incubation period symptoms may not appear till two years of age or perhaps older. However, taking antibiotics for a confirmed infection can help to rid you and your baby of syphilis.

Syphilis Potential Long Term Effects

Syphilis that has been left untreated can damage the heart and nervous system; mental health problems are also common. Ignorance or embarrassment can prevent people seeking medical help and this can be especially the case when men think they may have a sexually transmitted infection. However, to familiarize themselves with syphilis symptoms in men pictures can be a vital resource and may reputable websites provide them.

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