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Can Syphilis Cause You Erectile Dysfunction

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Syphilis is a well known sexually transmitted disease or STD that had been prevalent in the Americas for some time, but was brought back to Europe and then around the world by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century. Since then the disease has spread even now protection, testing and treatment have been improved. Indeed, college std testing statistics indicate that the disease can still be a problem. It is not known specifically to cause erectile dysfunction, but whether physically or psychologically the many symptoms can lead to this occurring. The primary objective should be identification and treatment if syphilis is suspected. KwikMed are licensed to help test for this disease.

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Discreet Syphilis Testing Tokyo

Different cultures have differing opinions on STDs and testing for them. It is common in many places for there to be stigma attached to a syphilis test. This includes Tokyo, in a culture where it is thought that STDs are a foreign problem. It is possible for any American to be tested discreetly when in Japan. For getting tested for syphilis in Tokyo, use one of several new facilities looking to help raise awareness of the problem there. In America, there are many more opportunities for testing. This includes via KwikMed, who are licensed in many states to arrange STD checks in conjunction with local laboratories. The the importance of STI/STD test means that a physician must approve the test and a legal lab must be used to conduct the test.

How is Syphilis Transmitted is it Transmitted by Prolonged Contact

Syphilis is transmitted by sexual intercourse or pregnancy and not by just any kind of contact. It has to involve the transmission of bodily fluids. In terms of sexual contact, it can be caused by oral, vaginal and anal sex, plus even kissing near a lesion can cause its transmission. Unlike other STDs such as HIV, transmission through needle sharing appears unlikely. This makes a healthy sexlife using protection like condoms and regular testing vital. The dire consequences of leaving syphilis untested shows the importance of being tested for stds.

Free STD Testing Local Bury

While it is possible to get free STD checks, the importance of STD testing means that obtaining one before beginning a new relationship or indeed after having unprotected sex means should be a top priority. Getting a KwikMed test is not difficult. It involves creating an account with the company. This takes you through to the consultation page, where a physician is able to sign off on your request for a requisition form. Once approved and paid for, this form will arrive within 24 hours and can be printed then taken to a local lab. Here the blood test is taken and subjected to one or more of many tests. The lab will process these and the results will be posted to your KwikMed page within five days.

Importance of Testing Someone Infected with stis

Many wonder why is sexually transmitted disease important for testing, but syphilis is a key example. Unlike many other STDs, syphilis does have physical symptoms and signs. Primary syphilis shows up within three weeks and includes a skin lesion called a chancre. This goes away and within ten weeks leads to a secondary infection, which takes many forms such as pustular rashes, weight loss, headaches, malaises and periostitis. This will also heal, then leads to tertiary effects, which can take three to 15 years to develop. Before this, latent syphilis can involve no symptoms. This can include attacking bones, organs and the nervous system. Syphilis is best caught as early as possible.

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