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If you have tried to quit smoking with help and failed before, you are not alone. Only around four to seven percent of smokers are able to quit smoking permanently without any form of help, according to the American Cancer Society. Smoking cessation aids may assist you with your quitting goal. Chantix quit smoking medication, available in the United States by prescription from a licensed doctor only, is an oral smoking medication. The medicine blocks the effects of nicotine associated with pleasure from your brain. A Chantix starter pack contains enough medicine to get a person through the initial round of treatment, which usually lasts 12 weeks, but is ultimately decided by the prescribing doctor.

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Chantix Starter Pack Coupon

Discounts from Chantix’s manufacturer, Pfizer, may be available if you are trying a Chantix starter pack for the first time or refilling your prescription. You may not want to wait for a Chantix starter pack coupon if you want to quit smoking now. Quitting benefits you no matter what your age, according to the National Cancer Institute. If you quit smoking by age 30, for example, you can reduce your risk of dying from a smoking-related cause by over 90 percent. Quitting by age 50 will lessen your chances of dying from an illness related to smoking by an estimated 50 percent. When you look at the cost to your health if you continue smoking, cheap Chantix is well worth the investment.

Chantix Starter Pack Cost

Chantix costs differ by provider. KwikMed, licensed by the state of Utah to prescribe Chantix through its website, sometimes offers the starter pack with a free shipping option. If you have health insurance, your insurance may reimburse you for some or all of the Chantix starter pack cost you were prescribed online, but you must check with the insurer. If you have questions about the medicine, ask the prescribing KwikMed doctor before you take Chantix free trial medication.

Learn how to buy Chantix® online at KwikMed.com

Smoking: The Dangers of Addiction

An addiction to anything means a sometimes uncontrollable urge to imbibe a particular substance, whether it is nicotine, alcohol, drugs or even something like common over the counter medications or painkillers. A sudden cessation of taking whatever the substance of choice is can result in severe mental and physical discomfort and stress.
It’s a well known fact, backed up by medical research that smoking and the chemicals it produces are dangerously addictive. In truth and even when presented with the facts, some people fail to realise just how addictive and unhealthy it can be.

The beginnings of smoking
Smoking is by no means a new invention at all. The earliest recorded practices of smoking actually occurred around the years five thousand to three thousand BC. Back then, the leaves of the tobacco plant would be crushed, set alight and the fumes inhaled. Although the practice was still very bad for you, there were not the same levels of chemicals ingested or inhaled through the smoke itself.
It was only in the sixteenth century that tobacco smoking became more prevalent as it travelled through trade routes in Europe and Asia, becoming more widely available and gaining in popularity. It took another four hundred years before scientists finally researched and realised that there was indeed a link between tobacco, addiction to smoking and diseases of the lung.

What happens when someone smokes?
When someone takes a puff of a cigarette, cigar or pipe a mixture of chemicals and gases are released which enter in through the nose, eyes, mouth and throat. These gaseous substances have a direct effect on the brain and produce temporary feelings of elation and happiness (particularly is someone who is already addicted). This feeling will last for a certain amount of time, before the smoker will need to try and replicate it by having another cigarette, and so the cycle continues.
While all this is happening inside the brain, the physical reactions it induces in the body are another thing. Once you take the first puff, the gases that are released basically irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Inside the throat there are millions upon millions of tiny hairs that are called cilia. These hairs work hard all the time without you knowing it, to clean away your tubes of anything nasty such as foreign bodies or matter than could possibly be a danger. When someone smokes, they effectively kill off these little hairs and render them useless so that if something gets in, it cannot always be removed easily.

The problems addiction creates
Very often someone who is addicted to smoking will spend the first part of their day coughing a lot. This is the cilia they have inside their throats desperately trying to wake up and start to work. However, once the smoker lights their first cigarette, they’re killed off again and are rendered ineffective. The more someone smokes, the more difficult it becomes for them to renew. Every night, the battle for the cilia to come back to life will start again, yet the first cigarette of the day will stop this from happening.
Within the lungs of a smoker, the tar that is produced from smoking damages the cells in the walls of the organ and coats them with this black sticky substance. On average, someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day will ingest around a cup full of tar into their lungs every year. This can create problems like breathing difficulties, hacking coughs and narrowing of the airways. It is also a considerable contributory factor in the growth of tumours in the lung.

There is also the effect that smoking has on the brain. It has been claimed that it has a similar effect on the grey matter that illegal drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine. The inhalation of smoke and the speed with which it enters the bloodstream and hits the brain mimics the effects of dopamine, which is what makes it so hard to actually stop smoking.

There are the obvious cosmetic issues that an addict faces too. Not only will the chemicals like nicotine and tar within the cigarette stain the skin, hair and teeth yellow, but the tell tale signs of many years of smoking result in prematurely aged skin, especially around the mouth where little tributary lines develop from where the smoker has continually pursed their lips to suck in and inhale the smoke.
It is estimated that roughly one in three smokers who continue to do so without a break or stopping completely could well die because of their habit. This may happen at a relatively young age, or it may occur later in life by which time the ravages of the habit will mean a rapid deterioration in health. On average, smokers will tend to die around ten to fifteen years earlier than they might have done from other illnesses or diseases.

Battling addictions
It’s easy to see why people become addicted. The “hit”, the feeling of pleasure a smoker has when the dopamine is released from the brain is enough to make them not want to stop. The addiction sets in early and can occur rapidly within the first few days of taking up the habit. This seems to be particularly prevalent amongst children who take up smoking in their early teenage years.
A study that was carried out in the year 2000 by the University of Massachusetts suggests that many youngsters who took up smoking were affected immediately.

This disturbing story focuses on the youngsters in Indonesia who are, as young as the age of two, becoming addicted to cigarettes and having to undergo rehabilitation programs in order to gain back their health. The effects on adult smokers are bad enough, but on the developing bodies of such tiny infants must be utterly horrific.

However, the same study also seemed to say that some of the youngsters who took up smoking yet only did it occasionally did not face the same addiction problems as others. In other words they could stop and start smoking at random without suffering any ill effects.
For those smokers that are addicted and have been for a long time, the initial breaking of the habit can prove traumatic and is most likely to hit the brain and mental faculties first. There may be an increase in symptoms like dizziness. This is because the body is trying to return to normal and lower its blood pressure. There may be feelings of depression and agitation as the brain tries to reconcile the fact that there is a lack of feel good chemicals being produced. This should, after a short while, right itself, but like everything else will take time. The temptation is of course, to just have “one more” smoke which will relieve the symptoms. It will temporarily, of course, but then the smoker is back to square one and has to start again.

What can be done?
Having an addiction to smoking or any other substance does not mean that the person won’t ever be able to cease. It merely makes it much harder to do so when the choice is made. However, the task is by no means insurmountable and can be achieved with the right help and support in place. Speaking to a GP or qualified health professional should be the first step.

There are many Stop Smoking Programs available which can help. There are also many products on the market designed to help people kick the habit such as nicotine patches, gums, electronic cigarettes, Chantix and even things like hypnotherapy courses which are designed to relax and reprogram the brain into not wanting to smoke or be in the vicinity of cigarettes.

Breaking the habit can take time and is not an overnight miracle, but it can be done. The benefits of not smoking such as clear skin, the ability to breathe easily, lower blood pressure and an increase in energy, not to mention the obvious monetary benefits of not spending spare cash on tobacco surely far outweigh the negatives of the addiction! Does Chantix work you may be wondering. You can read many reviews and Chantix success stories from those who have said goodbye to cigarettes with the help of Chantix.

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