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Be aware that is a site is offering you the chance to buy Chantix without prescription from a doctor your health could be at risk.

Follow these steps to buy Chantix online:

  1. Select a quantity from the list below
  2. Log in, or register if you are a new customer
  3. Complete the free online consultation
  4. Checkout

Upon checkout, your Chantix order will be reviewed by a KwikMed Physician. If approved, your credit card will be charged (or payment confirmed) and your Chantix will be shipped in confidential packaging via FedEx or USPS. An adult signature is required upon delivery.

Online Chantix orders are typically reviewed within 4 hours.

There is a FDA Black Box warning for Chantix:

Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions while using Chantix to help them quit smoking. Some people had these symptoms when they began taking Chantix , and others developed them after several weeks of treatment or after stopping Chantix . If you, your family, or caregiver notice agitation, hostility, depression, or changes in behavior, thinking, or mood that are not typical for you, or you develop suicidal thoughts or actions, anxiety, panic, aggression, anger, mania, abnormal sensations, hallucinations, paranoia, or confusion, stop taking Chantix and call your doctor right away. Also tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems before taking Chantix , as these symptoms may worsen while taking Chantix .

More information regarding this warning: Chantix Website | FDA Press Release

Shipping Options

FedEx Express Saver – Arrives in three business days.

Saturday delivery – contact Customer Service, additional charges may apply.

USPS Express Mail – Arrives in 1-2 business days depending on location.

USPS Critical Mail – Arrives in 3 business days depending on location.

Orders placed by 1:00pm Mountain, Monday – Friday will be shipped that same day.

Adult signature required upon delivery for all Chantix packages.

Packages may be held for pick-up at any FedEx location.

*Please note that only the 4 Week Starter Kit and 4 Week Continuation pack are available for patients shipping to Japan or Australia.

Quit Smoking

When you buy Chantix to quit smoking it’s typically recommended that you continue the treatment for a full 12 week period. In some cases, a doctor may personalize your smoking cessation treatment requiring that you take the medication for a longer period of time.

When you order from KwikMed you can begin by purchasing the Chantix starter pack. We also offer the full first or second complete kit if you prefer to buy Chantixtreatment all at once in its entirety. If you begin your treatment with the starter kit then you will follow up with one of the continuation packs available.

Starter Kit (4 Week Supply)

*Free 3-Day Shipping Included*

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The Chantix starter pack contains 53 pills which will take you through the first 28 days (4 weeks) of your smoking cessation treatment. There are 42 one mg pills (blue) and 11 half mg pills (white).

Treatment Days:

Days 1 – 3: A single half mg pill/1x daily (white)

Days 4 – 7: A half mg pill/2x daily (white)

Days 8 – 28: A single one mg pill/2x daily (blue)

Continuation Pack (4 Week Supply)

*Free 3-Day Shipping Included*

Order Now

The Chantix continuation package contains 56 pills which will cover your next 28 days (4 weeks) of smoking cessation treatment following your initial use of the Chantix starter pack. All 56 pills are one mg and are blue in color.

Treatment Days:

Days 29 through 56: A single one mg pill/2x daily (blue)
Days 57 through 84: A single one mg pill/2x daily (blue)

Continuation Pack (8 Week Supply)

*Free 3-Day Shipping Included*

Order Now

This treatment package is used for the 2nd and 3rd 4 week periods of the 12 week treatment program. The package contains a full 60 day supply of 112 blue (1mg) tablets.

Quit Smoking Treatment Plan:

Days 29 through 84: A single one mg pill/2x daily (blue)

First Full Regiment (12 Week Supply)

*Free 3-Day Shipping Included*

Order Now

If you prefer to buy Chantix for your entire 12 week treatment program at once, then you will want to purchase the first full regiment pack. This covers your smoking cessation treatment entirely for the full 84 days. There will be 165 tablets in the pack. Of these, there will be 11 half mg tabs (white) and 154 one mg tabs (blue).

Quit Smoking Treatment Plan:

Days 1 through 3: A single half mg pill/1x day

Days 4 through 7: A single half mg pill/2x day

Days 8 through 84: A single one mg pill/2x day

Second Full Regiment (12 Week Supply

*Free 3 Day Shipping Included*

Order Now

After fully completing the first 12 weeks of the Chantix smoking cessation program your doctor will likely advise that you remain on the medication for another 12 weeks in order to prevent a relapse. The second full regiment pack will cover you for 84 days after you have quit smoking and will reduce your chances of starting the habit again. All 168 pills are one mg and are blue in color.

Quite Smoking Treatment Plan

Days 85 through 168: A single one mg pill/2x day


Free Online Medical Consultation

Prior to a doctor writing a prescription for the smoking cessation medication Chantix, there is a certain amount of patient information that must be collected. Our free online medical consultation collects this data so that a licensed physician can review your request to buy Chantix online and decline it if there is a medical reason that you should not take this medication. If your Chantix prescription is declined, you will pay nothing. If your request is approved then you will only be charged for the Chantix order plus shipping. We guarantee there are no hidden costs at any point in our process and the medical consultation is completely free of charge. Depending on the pack you require the Chantix price will differ.

How to Take Chantix

1. Begin by selecting a date when you would like to stop smoking.

2. You will start taking Chantix 7 days (one week) prior to the date when you would like to stop smoking. Starting the medication before you stop smoking will give Chantix time to build up in your system. You can still smoke during these 7 days if you desire. For some people it takes a few weeks before Chantix works its best.

3. Take Chantix with a full eight ounce glass of water after eating.

4. On average, people taking Chantix will continue the regimen for 12 weeks. If after 12 weeks you have completely stopped smoking, speak with your physician to see if another 12 weeks of Chantix will give you a better chance to keep from smoking again.

5. Some people find that the Pfizer Get-Quit™ program is helpful for extra support. This program is one year long and requires the Pfizer code on you will find on your Chantix prescription package. Chantix comes in 2 different colored tablets – white and blue. You will take the white (0.5 mg) tablet first and then move to the blue (1.0 mg) tablet.

Side Effects

Side effects most common with Chantix are upset stomach or vomiting, abnormal changes to sleep patterns (including changes in dreaming), gas or constipation. As with any prescription medication you should speak with a medical professional if the symptoms continue or become problematic.

Be careful when operating heavy machinery or driving until you understand how you react to quitting smoking and taking Chantix .


Never use a prescription medication, including Chantix , for a condition other than that for which it was prescribed. Never share your medication with others as it may cause them harm.

Drug Interactions

Inform your online physician of any prescription and nonprescription medications, including herbal supplements and vitamins that you currently use. Quitting smoking may cause changes in the effectiveness of your medications, especially those used to treat asthma, insulin abnormalities and those used to thin the blood.

Missed Dose

In the event of a missed dose, take your Chantix as soon as possible. If it is nearing the time of your next scheduled dose, wait and take that dose as usual.

Storage Chantix

Keep Chantix at room temperature, 59 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit (15 – 30 degrees Celsius). Be sure to store the tablets in a dry place away from light. Discard any unused or expired medication in a safe place and always keep prescription drugs out of children’s reach.


It is not recommended that children under 18 years old take Chantix as its effects have not been studied on this age group. Tell your doctor of any allergies before taking Chantix

Learn how to buy Chantix® online at KwikMed.com

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