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Keeping an eye on our health is becoming increasingly important as scientists learn about the body’s functions. Learning how different parts and balances interact, has helped predict diseases and prevent serious problems. Pre-emptive care includes using an electolyte panel lab to look for potential problems in the body. Any kind of test for electrolytes imbalance
or other body tests should be combined with a healthy lifestyle involving a good well rounded diet and plenty of exercise. These kinds of test have become more affordable in America with the advent of online testing systems and local lab link ups such as those organized by KwikMed.

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What Causes Low Electrolyte Panel Sodium

There are many potential causes of a low sodium level in the body. These include problems such as hyonatremia, kidney disease, congestive heart failure, hyokalemia and high blood pressure. It is important to note that many such problems come hand in hand with other symptoms, so just having a low electrolyte lab test result for sodium is not a direct indicator of one of these problems. The best advice is to always consult with a physician once your test results come back with an imbalance. They will best know how to interpret your results and treat the causes.

What Are Electrolyte Lab Tests For

Do electrolytes test kidney function? Yes, they can do by looking at certain imbalances in the body. The common lab test for electrolyte imbalance is designed to help patients understand their bodies and to find problems that may need fixing. By regularly testing for an imbalance, a patient is able to know what that balance is typically and when changes happen, they are easier to spot and understand. This makes treatment easier too. On their own, electrolyte tests may not complete a diagnosis, but will form one element of it. Typical ranges for electroyltes vary from one to the other, but for sodium it is between 135 to 145 mEq/L and for chloride it is 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L. Ask a physician about other values.

How is Blood Tested in a Lab for Electrolyte Levels

Electrolyte balances can be tested through urinalysis or more efffectively using a blood test. KwikMed use the blood test method. So, a muscle electrolyte test laboratory will involve going to a lab and having a blood sample taken. In order to get to that point, you will need to complete the KwikMed process. KwikMed are licensed to organize health check tests such as this one in most, but not all states. First you need to be sure your state is participating. If it is ok, select the panel test and log into an account or create a new one if you do not already have one. You will then take part in a consultation process taking just five minutes. Once approved and the test is paid for, you will receive a requisition form by email within 24 hours. Print this form and take it to a local lab for the test. KwikMed will post your results in your test panel profile within 5 days of the test.

What Can an Electrolyte Panel Tell You

The test result for electrolyte imbalance tells you how your body’s electrolytes are balanced. It looks at each of them, which includes salts, acids and bases. Typical ones include potassium, chloride, carbon dioxide and sodium. Many of these have a positive or negative charge and are important for looking at muscle function and the electric charges around the body such as for heart function and also for the nervous system in general. Just remember to show the results to a physician if there is a problem.

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