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It is now possible to extend medical treatment solutions online to diagnosis. This means being able to take control of laboratory tests in terms of both where they happen, when and if. Diagnosis is an increasingly important part of healthcare in America as it can help prevent problems from getting too big. This includes laboratory results electrolyte imbalance as found through the electrolyte panel test. Along with exercise and a good diet, checking the body’s internal balances is a great way to make sure everything is ticking over properly or to take action before it gets serious.

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Does Electrolyte Damage Your Body

No, electrolytes do not damage your body. They are a natural part of you and are found in every living organism known to mankind. If any organism can exist without them, they have yet to be found. Basically speaking, an electrolyte is a positively or negatively charged atom or compound in the body, usually found in a liquid or gel form. These include salts, acids and bases such as sodium, potassium, chloride and carbon dioxide. They are used to transmit information, to make muscles work and are a vital part of the nervous system. By taking an electrolyte panel you can check to see if the right numbers or balances of these elements are present in your blood or urine.

What Labs are in an Electrolyte Panel

KwikMed are licensed to check electrolytes in most, but not all states. Before thinking about using such a test, make sure your state allows KwikMed to help you organize them. The components of electrolyte panel include your KwikMed profile, a requisition form, your lab and the results. For the former, you need to create an account or log into an existing one. This takes you to a consultation phase that takes five minutes and is designed to ensure there are no medical reasons for you not to take the test. Once completed, you pay for the test and wait for a requisition form to be emailed to you. This should happen within 24 hours – remember to check your spam filters. Print this form and take it to a laboratory, where you will have the blood test taken. KwikMed will post the results on your profile. This usually takes three to five days. Once up, you can begin to understand how your body is working.

How Electrolytes Affect Your Body

Electrolytes are involved with all typical bodily functions as explained above. An imbalance in them can affect the body in many ways, but their imbalance can also be a direct result of another problem. Symptoms of an imbalance can include minor things such as weakness, lethargy and confusion. If these occur, it is a good idea to get tested. More serious symptoms requiring immediate medical help include seizures and comas. Taking co2 as an electrolyte, an imbalance can be seen as there being too much fluid retained (low concentration imbalance) or too much being released (high concentration imbalance). If you take the test on a regular basis, you will be able to compile a chart showing normal electrolytes for yourself, but you can compare it to known balances and ranges too.

What are Normal Values for Sodium Intake for Electrolyte Balance

The known ranges for electrolytes are available, but may vary from person to person. Accepted ranges for potassium are 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L, while for chloride it is 96 to 106 mEq/L and for sodium it is 135 to 145 mEq/L. A low sodium electrolytes lab result might indicate a problem. These can include functions and diseases test for electrolyte imbalance + heart attack in extreme cases. The best option is to never self-diagnose or self-medicate, but to take the results to an expert physician who will compare to other data and symptoms to make an informed diagnosis.

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