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An electrolyte panel is just a small part of a wellness panel. These are a series of body test designed to assess health. They are a vital new way of combining positive changes to lifestyle and habit, such as exercise and diet, that also help keep track of changes and balances within the body. KwikMed are now able to offer such tests online, which makes them easier to arrange and more confidential as well. Electrolyte tests can be used to help make sure the body is functioning properly in vital areas.

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Does Electrolyte Test Show Potassium

Yes, a test for electrolyte levels does include potassium. There are a number of common electrolytes included in the test including chloride, carbon dioxide, sodium and potassium. Electrolytes are bases, acids and salts usually found in an ionized gel or liquid. They are vital to life and one key
component of electrolyte particles is their positive and negative charges as shown by plus and minus signs. Typical balances for each electrolyte varies from one to the other, but using chloride, for example, the range is usually 96 to 106 mEq/L, while for potassium it is 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L and for sodium it is 135 to 145 mEq/L. The best advice is to have these tested regularly, so you understand your normal range and map changes.

What Alters an Electrolyte Blood Test

While, as noted above, the best idea is to be tested regularly, you may wish to only have tests done if you feel something is wrong. Electrolytes usually affect the muscles, nervous system and renal system. This means you can find chronic kidney disease lab results in electrolyte imbalance. However, there are many possible causes of imbalances and other related or unrelated symptoms. People with an imbalance tend to feel confused, lethargic and weak. There may be seizures, swellings and even comas involved depending upon the severity of the problem. Any of the minor symptoms should lead to a low sodium in electrolyte test or other such test.

How Electrolytes are Listed on a Requisition

Electrolytes on a requisition form are listed as part of the panel test. They are sodium, potassium, chloride and carbon dioxide. Your results will look at the balances of each type of electrolyte. For example, a co2 electrolyte imbalance, outside normal ranges, may indicate the loss or over retention of fluids, which affects its concentration in the blood. As with other tests, do not self-diagnose or self-medicate. Look at other symptoms you may have then speak with a qualified physician. They will be able to work out the problem and find a solution for you.

What are Some Ethical Issues with Electrolyte Panel Tests

Electrolyte panel tests are not allowed in all states. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe all over America, but the same is not true for its wellness panel. Before deciding to purchase a laboratory panel, you should check to make sure it is legal to do so in your state. As with obtaining medical prescriptions, the process is simple with KwikMed. You will need to have an account, so this means creating a new one or logging into an existing account if you have one. Next you will select the panel of your choice and go through a quick consultation. This just ensures there is no medical reason to not allow the test to take place. Your laboratory test for electrolyte imbalance will take place at an external lab, so first wait for your requisition form to be delivered via email, print it and then take it to the lab. Once the test has been performed, you will receive the results on your KwikMed profile within around five days.

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