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Many people worry that in the event they notice aids hiv symptoms signs in themselves that the process of getting tested and screened will be prohibitively costly. This is not the case at all. Some Rapid HIV testing kits are available relatively cheaply and will yield accurate results, though should not be used as a one stop shop for the diganosis of HIV or AIDS in anyone, rather they should be used in conjunction with other blood tests and markers to diagnose the conditions. Indeed, this is where a company like KwikMed can help, by providing good quality testing with accurate results at a sensible price.

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Complete Blood Count (CBC) $39 Order Now
Cholesterol – Lipid Panel $49 Order Now
Online Drug Testing $99 Order Now
Electrolyte Screening $49 Order Now
Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Panel $99 Order Now
Men’s Fertility Screening $89 Order Now
Women’s Fertility Screening $89 Order Now
Liver Function Testing $49 Order Now
PSA Testing (A test that screens for prostate cancer) $49 Order Now
Renal – Kidney Testing $49 Order Now
Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening $225 Order Now
Thyroid Function Testing $49 Order Now
Urinalysis Panel $29 Order Now
Men’s Wellness Screening $159 Order Now
Women’s Wellness Screening $159 Order Now

Rapid HIV Test

It is really common and only natural to want to have fast and efficient testing to see if you have HIV or AIDS. That is why methods like this offer peace of mind to the patient as well as accurate results. The prevalence of hiv/aids in africa is still the highest in the world. Last year, two thirds of all the diagnosed cases were in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, cases of HIV and AIDS in America remain steadily on the rise, with just over 1 million reported to have been diagnosed during 2012. When someone first becomes aware that there might be an issue with their health, or that they are exhibiting a medical profile that is similar to that of either of these two conditions, their first thought might be to look up hiv aids symptoms wikipedia. People with HIV will feel excessively tired, have flu-like symptoms and night sweats alongside headaches and fevers that they cannot shake off once the antibodies start to develop and attack the immune system.

Rapid Home HIV Test

During times like aids awareness month which happens in October every year, it is common for there to be an increase in the number of people who wish to undergo rapid testing to see if they have contracted HIV, or indeed to search online to discover what aids symptoms and signs are. It is then they may want to opt for a Rapid HIV test to determine whether or not they have the condition. Even if it is a case of hiv undetectable contagious it can still be, even though the antibodies may not have shown up yet. Waiting a few weeks and then having another test may be advisable in such a situation.

Quick HIV Test

If you decide upon taking a quick HIV test to see whether or not you have contracted the infection, it is important that you do so through the proper channels and a reputable company. This is where KwikMed can help. To undergo Rapid HIV testing all you need to do is simply sign up for an account, register your details and undergo a short consultation online with one of their trained physicians. They will then send you the appropriate testing form which you fill in and take to a local, convenient testing center. A blood sample will be taken and analyzed, and the results of the test will usually be made available to you, by logging into your KiwkMed account around five days after you’ve taken the test.

Quick HIV Test

There are still myths about how transmittable HIV is. It can be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner, blood to blood contact with someone who suffers from the infection and it is also possible for hiv transmission oral sex too. The best and safest way to protect yourself is to either abstain from sex, or to wear a condom. If you know you are going to give someone oral sex, use a dental dam. If you have concerns or fears you may have contracted HIV from a partner then it is easy to detect with the right kind of blood and antibody tests and you need not suffer in silence.

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