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Difference Between Staxyn Levitra

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There are few differences between Staxyn and Levitra. They are both erectile dysfunction medications that give men the potential to enjoy more fulfilling sex lives. The biggest difference is that Levitra has a film coating around the tablet, meaning it needs to be swallowed with water, while Staxyn does not have this layer, so it can be allowed to dissolve on the tongue. In addition to this, Levitra was FDA approved first in 2003 and is available in more dosage forms. They are both thought to provide men with harder feeling and more enduring erections for up to six hours at a time.

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Does Staxyn Work Faster

Staxyn is thought to work faster for a number of men because it does not have the film layer and this is one of the major differences between Staxyn, Viagra and Levitra. The lack of a film coating does mean that Staxyn can be absorbed into the blood quicker. It should be taken half an hour to two hours before sexual intercourse to allow its mechanism of action to get underway. Staxyn and Levitra both work by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase-PDE5 enzyme in the blood. For ED this is primarily found in the corpus cavernosum region of the penis. This tissue swells with blood when aroused to form erections. Once inhibited, the enzyme can no longer degrade cGMP and therefore blood pressure is lowered, improving circulation.

Can You Take Half of a Staxyn

In theory you can take half a Staxyn if you desire. The medication comes in one 10mg dose form. This means that taking half of a Staxyn tablet reduces the medication’s potency by half as well and it may not provide the erection potential you need. It is always best to follow instructions as set out by your prescribing physician. Avoid taking too much or combining the medicine with alcohol or grapefruit products. If you are unsure about your medications, consult with a Levitra professional before getting a prescription.

Commonly Asked Questions About Staxyn 10mg

One of the most commonly asked questions about Staxyn, is how to get hold of it. You can get brand Levitra and Staxyn online with KwikMed. The process is simple. First, choose whether you want Staxyn or Levitra, then create an account or login to an existing one with KwikMed. Next participate in the consultation to ensure either is right for you then sort out the delivery and payment options. Read the instructions before taking Staxyn for the first time and make sure you only take one pill a day at most.

Effects Staxyn Women

The effects of Staxyn on women are not known and for this reason, it cannot be prescribed to them legally in America. It is only legal to prescribe Staxyn and Levitra. This makes it illegal to buy either Levitra or Staxyn without prescription. When you compare Staxyn on line make sure you use a licensed company like KwikMed. This is for your own safety. ED Levitra and Staxyn affect blood pressure, so it is not worth taking risks with your health. KwikMed is available for all questions pertaining to Staxyn and Levitra. Common questions such as, does Staxyn work with other drugs, is Staxyn 10mg enough for me, and more. You can also purchase Staxyn and buy Levitra on line safe and securely at KwikMed.

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