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Dizziness and Shortness of Breath

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Recurrent dizziness and feeling short of breath are worrying enough on their own, but when they occur together you may start to wonder whether you have a more serious condition. While you should never self-diagnose the cause of your symptoms, there are a range of possible conditions discussed below that may explain your dizzy spells and shortness of breath. However, if you already have a firm diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension, where the pressure in your pulmonary arteries is raised, it is reassuring that treatment can ease your symptoms and slow the progression of your condition.

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Symptoms of Dizziness

When feeling dizzy you may experience light headedness, problems with your balance and a spinning sensation. Although everyone experiences dizziness from time to time, you should never ignore this symptom if it occurs frequently, starts for no apparent reason or is accompanied by additional symptoms. For example, breathing problems, palpitations and chest pain that occur when you feel dizzy are warning signs, though even dizziness and fatigue that occur together should be investigated. While sometimes it is possible to put the cause of dizziness down to an easily identifiable factor, other times the cause only becomes clear after further investigation.

Short of Breath

Breathing difficulties are often felt on exertion, particularly when you push yourself more than usual, though struggling to breathe at rest is more a cause for concern. Shortness of breath is also more of an issue if you experience other signs of ill-health. Besides feeling dizzy, you may additionally feel tired and have chest symptoms such as tightness, pain or a racing heart. Telling your doctor the combination of symptoms you experience will help them to pinpoint exactly what is making you feel unwell.

Causes of Dizziness

Frequent causes of feeling faint and dizzy are stress, dehydration, low blood sugars and a drop in blood pressure on standing. However, it would be less likely that you would also feel short of breath in these situations. A circulatory problem could, however, lead to both dizziness and difficulty breathing. Any additional symptoms you experience can also help to narrow down the range of possible conditions, which can aid diagnosis. For example, it is typical that if in addition to feeling dizzy and short of breath you also experience fatigue, palpitations, chest pain and leg swelling, this indicates a likely diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. Although this condition cannot be diagnosed based on symptoms alone, it helps your doctor to decide which tests are necessary to confirm that you are indeed suffering from raised arterial pressure in your lungs.

Shortness of Breath Causes

Although shortness of breath on exertion can simply be a sign that you are not as fit as you used to be, struggling to breathe is a sign that you may have a problem that affects your heart or lungs. This is even more likely when you have other symptoms that affect your chest, but dizziness and fatigue are also common indicators that your problem is cardiac or pulmonary in nature. Your doctor may consider conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, an irregular heartbeat, angina or heart failure. However, if none of these seem appropriate and your symptoms fit, they may again consider pulmonary hypertension.

Although pulmonary hypertension is a progressive condition, its symptoms are manageable with treatment. One medication option that your doctor may recommend is Viagra, but don’t be surprised, as this drug isn’t just beneficial for men with erection difficulties. This is thanks to the fact that taking Viagra helps the blood vessels in your lungs to relax, improving blood flow, which lessens your symptoms. If you are recommended to take 20mg of Viagra for pulmonary hypertension, you can easily get a prescription for this treatment online, so complete a medical assessment today to experience the benefits it can offer.

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