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If you are looking for medication such as Propecia or Chantix sold at a reduced price online, you may have been searching for a discount voucher. An Edrugstore.md coupon is just one of those that are available to allow you to purchase more affordable treatments over the internet for common problems such as hair loss or to help you give up tobacco. However, when it comes to choosing a company from which you wish to make your purchase, you should not simply base your decision on the amount your discount coupon allows you to receive from the usual sale price or alternatively the pre-discount price. With so many internet based drugstores, you cannot be too careful when it comes to selecting which you do business with, as very few are licensed and as a result you may risk your health if you buy tablets from a less reputable company, as who knows what they actually may contain. For this reason you should look for key features that are indicative that a website is that of a genuine company that delivers a safe service; KwikMed is a good example of this. If you still have a coupon 2013 to use for drugs online, bear the following in mind when picking the company and if in any doubt, avoid making a purchase from them, instead reverting back to the trusted service offered by KwikMed.

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They Won’t Approach You First

Although you may not have previously taken much notice of the emails you receive in your inbox each week from online drug companies, if you are now contemplating making a purchase, you might be tempted to take a look. However, doing so is inadvisable; instead mark all these e-mails as phishing spam without opening them. In nearly all instances this unsolicited communication is from a bogus company whose intention it is to wrongfully obtain your details or money from you. A genuine provider of medications would never approach you first; they would wait for you to make contact with them via their website. This should therefore be the method you go down to select a reputable company.

An American Company

If you are a US citizen, you are advised to avoid purchasing any pills from online providers based overseas. You might be familiar with companies based in India, China or Thailand, offering you discount Viagra; that is usually the most commonly publicized, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find overseas suppliers of other erectile dysfunction medications such as Cialis and Levitra either. However, when you buy from retailers abroad you have no guarantees of the standards they have to meet within their own country to be approved – and they might not have even applied for this status. This means that they may not have medical staff on their team who check the suitability of medications and who act as a point of contact should you have queries. The quality of the product they supply would also be questionable. Not only is this important from a safety point of view, but when an effective drug is especially important, such as is the case with the emergency contraceptive Ella, you want to be sure that you receive genuine tablets that will work as intended. The only way to be certain of a company is to use one that is based on US soil, as strict regulation is enforced to ensure that you can guarantee your well-being and the effectiveness of what you purchase. Check the contact information on the website to determine their location.

A Licensed Provider

Selecting a US company alone won’t guarantee a drugstore online is a good choice. While US firms need to be licensed to prescribe and issue medication, there are some that operate outside of the law. Using these outfits can be as risky as buying your pills from overseas. Details of the state license a company has should be detailed on their website and no reputable company would miss off this information, as they are aware that the public want to see proof of their legal status. If there is no evidence of this, it is wise to assume that they are unlicensed and therefore should be avoided, irrespective of whether they offer good deals such as a free trial; in the long run, it may not work out to be such a bargain if you end up suffering an adverse reaction due to the inappropriate sale of a drug or simply find what you are sold is ineffective.

Medical Consultations Are Standard

Although you may prefer to source your Viagra online to avoid the embarrassment of seeing your usual physician, that doesn’t mean that you won’t receive a consultation as part of the process. It is often wrongly assumed that because it is not essential to treat say impotence or hair loss, the medications are less potent than those used to manage other conditions. However, these drugs have side-effects just like any other and may be unsuitable for people with certain health problems or who already take particular tablets. The only way such risks can be avoided is if a doctor reviews your medical history to check you are a good candidate for the drug in question. Rather than a face to face medical, this is done by way of an internet-based questionnaire, which is assessed by a doctor. There may be sufficient information for them to make a judgment, but if further details are needed to confirm your suitability, you may receive an e-mail phone call. You can expect to complete a shortened survey if you order repeat tablets, as any changes to your health or medication since your last issue could affect your ongoing suitability. If you come across any site that doesn’t collect your medical details, this is very dangerous and a signal that the company cannot be trusted.

A Prescription Is Issued

If you were to attend your normal doctor to receive Chantix, Levitra or any other prescribable drug, you would expect to receive a prescription. The same applies online as well, as any prescription-only medication can only be issued if you are in possession of a script signed by a physician. You may then be wondering how some retailers based on the internet are able to make claims that no prescription is required. If they are able to issue you one based on your health assessment, as KwikMed does, that is perfectly valid; you don’t necessarily need to receive a copy unless you want to purchase the pills from your local pharmacy, but you need to know a script has been generated. However, if they are claiming no prescription is necessary, you should be questioning their service, as they are operating illegally. Even issuing a small sample pack as part of a free trial or courtesy of a discount coupon requires a prescription and do not let an internet drugstore tell you otherwise; taking these drugs off prescription is not worth the risk.

Confidentiality Is Taken Seriously

When you opt for an online provider of Cialis, Propecia or Ella, you often do so as you don’t want others to know your business. Therefore the last thing you want is for your details to be made public to others. When you use a trusted prescriber such as KwikMed you know that the secure login means other users can’t access your information, but their commitment to confidentiality also mean that anyone contacting them on your behalf won’t be provided with any hint of your business; your details equally won’t be sold on to third parties. Online purchases are secure, so that others cannot access your card details. Care is even taken to ensure that the parcel sent out containing your tablet doesn’t display their contents, so even if you don’t sign for them and a neighbor or co-worker has to do this for you, your purchase will remain only known to you.

Only You Can Order

This in part relates to the issue of ensuring confidentiality is maintained, but also ensures the safety of the person who the medication is intended for. Only they can complete the online health assessment, as allowing someone else to complete this risks errors being made regarding someone’s medical conditions or which medications they take. Failing to report someone has a history of low mood could be detrimental if the prescription was for smoking cessation tablets or not realizing it was beta-blockers someone was prescribed could place them at risk of severely low blood pressure with impotence meds. While this may seem inconvenient if you don’t have your own computer or have a busy schedule the week you want to make your purchase, but this rule is designed with your safety in mind and is one of the signs of a trustworthy supplier of medication.

Generic Drugs Are Not Sold

Although you may have seen generic drugs for sale online, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are legal or safe. The patent has not expired for the three erectile dysfunction drugs commonly available over the internet, making their sale illegal. Even though the patent may have run out for other treatments, when buying from websites it is safest practice to go with the brand name tablets. This way you can be sure you trust their content, as there are cases where generics can contain impurities, a lower or higher dose, or may be an alternative drug altogether. When you are purchasing a medication for a specific purpose you want to be certain that it works, but also that taking it doesn’t carry a higher than average risk; branded medicines offer you this assurance. Therefore avoid sites offering generic pills – KwikMed only supplies the genuine article – even if you can use a coupon 2013 to receive greater discounts on generic versions than trusted brands.

Prices Are Reasonable but Not Worryingly Cheap

Besides making sure that a site is transparent with regards to its drug costs, you should think about whether the price on offer seems reasonable. While you want to ensure that you receive good value for money with your drug purchase and don’t want to pay a premium for the privilege of obtaining your medication online, you should be wary of any retailers offering particularly cheap drugs. This is a sign that they are not above-board and likely to be selling generics, which we already know is a big risk to take. With an Edrugstore.md coupon or an alternative discount offered by KwikMed you can still receive a fair price on your purchase, so there is no need to look out for the cheapest prices going.

A Telephone Number is Provided

Companies operating solely through online mediums should raise your suspicions. If you cannot ring and speak with a member from their customer services team at the very least, it is usually the case that they are not a reputable business. If you have a question or need reassurance once you have started the medicine, ideally you want to be able to speak to a member of clinical staff. KwikMed for instance allows you to contact a doctor or pharmacist if you need to. Hopefully everything will go according to plan when your take the pills, but you need to be sure that if there is a glitch that you can easily contact someone to assist you; having this available to you provides peace of mind.

A No Returns Policy

The FDA prevents pharmacies from accepting returned goods and this is applicable to online purchases as well. This is to avoid contamination or damage that may occur once pills are within someone’s home owing to the way in which they have been kept. If an online company allows you to return medication, there is a chance they may reuse the tablets they have received back, risking the next person receiving an ineffective or unsafe medicine. As with reputable prescribers, KwikMed is unable to accept back any drugs you no longer want or need, though can provide guidance on how these can be responsibly disposed of. Knowing that you cannot return items may help to additionally encourage you to use your Viagra coupon or equivalent only when you are certain that you will use the pills, preventing unnecessary wastage – both in terms of resources and your money.

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