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Ejaculating Too Quickly

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Although men don’t like to talk about it, ejaculating too soon is a common problem. This premature ejaculation is frustrating for both of you, but rarely is it down to a physical health problem and often resolves by itself. However, problems ejaculating may accompany erectile dysfunction, which is a separate condition. When this is the case, there is no need to worry, as you can take effective medication to help you sustain an erection for long enough to have pleasing sex with your partner.

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Premature Ejaculation

If you are a premature ejaculator, this means that you climax at a point before you or your partner are ready. Sometimes this may mean that you ejaculate before you even start intercourse or soon after entering your partner. In either case, when it happens regularly it can lead to disappointment on both parts. However, if you are in a new relationship, the good news is that your problem of coming too soon is likely to improve with time once you feel more comfortable and confident around your partner.

Problem Ejaculating

The most common causes of ejaculating early are psychological factors and over-stimulation. Anxiety often plays a big part in coming too quickly, which is why problems with ejaculating too early often resolve as relationships progress. If anxiety remains an issue though, relaxation techniques may help you to manage your worries, helping you to last longer with your partner. However, there are other techniques that may help with climaxing too fast. For instance, trying the following may help to delay ejaculation:

  • Thinking about non-sexual things may stop you getting aroused too quickly
  • Using a stop-start technique, where you receive stimulation till you almost climax and then stop stimulation for around 30 seconds, before receiving stimulation again. You repeat this cycle till you are ready to ejaculate.
  • Alternatively, the squeeze technique follows a similar principle, but rather than simply stopping stimulation, you or your partner also squeeze the tip of your penis for a few seconds.
  • If the above techniques don’t help, there are local anesthetics available that you can apply to your penis, reducing sensation and delaying ejaculation.
  • Finally, a side-effect of certain antidepressants is taking longer to ejaculate, so your doctor may prescribe these if all other methods have failed.

Symptoms of ED

If you have erectile dysfunction, besides premature ejaculating you will also struggle to achieve or maintain an erection. In these instances you may not ejaculate at all. However, it can be frustrating with this combination of symptoms, as the occasions when you are able to manage a satisfying erection, you come too soon, making it difficult for you and your partner to ever enjoy fulfilling sex together. Beyond the physical symptoms that impotence and quick ejaculation brings, it can affect you psychologically as well, denting your confidence and self-esteem, and adding to existing anxiety levels, which can make erections and ejaculation even more of a problem.

Delaying Ejaculation

Although Viagra isn’t recommended as a treatment if you are ejaculating too fast, when you suffer from this in conjunction with erectile dysfunction, taking a treatment for impotence makes sense and offers welcome relief from your frustrating symptoms. Viagra works by temporarily enhancing blood flow through your penis, helping you to get and stay erect. Receiving this confidence boost from your ability to achieve and maintain a good erection may help you to delay ejaculation, as this will remove a lot of your anxiety that may have stood in the way of satisfying sex. However, you don’t need to even visit your doctor to access a prescription for erectile dysfunction treatment, as an online health assessment that is reviewed by a doctor allows a prescription to be issued for you. Take a medical assessment today and you can start enjoying sex with your partner whenever the mood takes you.

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