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In America, it is now possible to look for any electrolyte abnormality through testing. KwikMed can offer this test online and in conjunction with local labs, making it cheaper and easier to arrange. By testing electrolyte levels any man or woman can begin to understand how their body is functioning. These electrolytes are vital to many bodily functions and an imbalance in them can indicate an underlying problem. Regular health tests like this are helping Americans keep track of their bodies, so it is easier to spot problems before they occur or in their initial stages, which makes treatment a lot easier.

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What Does Electrolyte Test Include

The test looks at electrolytes in the body. These are positively or negatively charged ions and particles found in all life forms known to mankind. They are divided into salts, acids and bases. Common forms found in the body include sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide and chloride. All organisms have them because they help cellular processes and are vital to the transmission of information in the nervous system and for muscles. Their density is checked in both blood and urine samples. Any imbalance in these samples is suggestive of a kidney related problem, such as renal failure, but does not guarantee this is the cause.

What Changes in Electrolytes When You Have a Heart Attack

As electrolytes are an important part of heart rhythm, a heart attack can throw them out of balance or be on account of an imbalance. Heart attacks can be caused by blocked blood vessels to the heart muscles or by faults in the heart’s electrical system. Electrolytes affect the latter and an imbalance may cause this in extreme circumstances. In electrolyte tests the normal range for electrolytes is well known. The range for sodium is 135 to 145 mEq/L. Potassium has a range of 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L. As for chloride, the range is 96 to 106 mEq/L. If the value of your blood test is wildly different to these ranges, it indicates a problem.

What Tests are in an Electrolyte Panel

Electrolytes can be tested through urine analysis, but most labs find blood tests to be more accurate. KwikMed use this method for their panel tests. You may ask if you can obtain home test for electrolyte levels? The answer is no. These tests need to be licensed and prescribed as they are blood tests. KwikMed are licensed in most states. Your labs draw for electrolytes are easy to obtain. If you have an account with the company, log in. If not, register for one. You will be asked to take part in a consultation process with a physician to ensure the test is ok to take. Once done, you will checkout and wait for an email from KwikMed. This will contain the requisition form, which you can take to the lab. They will conduct the blood test and will send the results to KwikMed, who will place them on your panel profile.

What is an Electrolyte Panel for Results

Your electrolyte panel results will determine how you approach your own health. The best idea is to take results regularly so you can chart any changes. Your sodium lab draw for electrolytes will help you understand sodium levels. If you have normal blood levels for electrolytes then you do not need to worry. If you do have an imbalance, do not try to rectify it immediately, but speak to a qualified physician who will be able to take into account other symptoms, tests and their knowledge to work out the problem. While kidney problems are a common cause of an imbalance, there are many reasons for this to happen. The safest route is to never self-diagnose and to never self-medicate.

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