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Pre-emptive care is becoming an increasingly important part of healthcare in the United States. The fluid and electrolyte test is one way of understanding how your body is working and changing. It looks at the balance of electrolytes in your blood. From this you can understand many functions. KwikMed have made it easier to take these tests for most Americans, so they can be combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet as a way of keeping control of the body’s functions. By increasing understanding of this part of the body, the electrolyte test is another indicator of problems if they do occur.

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What Does Electrolytes High Carbon Dioxide Do

An electrolyte like carbon dioxide is a charged mineral. These electrical substances are found in body tissues and blood. Common forms other than CO2 include potassium, sodium and chloride. They have several primary responsibilities such as stabalizing the PH level of the blood. Another key function is the removal of waste from cells and the transportation of nutrients into them. These positively or negatively charged minerals are vital for brain function, energy levels, heart rhythm and muscle function. Any imbalance can lead to problems or be the result of problems in these areas.

What Does a Lytes Panel Test For

The purpose of the electrolyte test is to look at normal sodium electrolyte levels and the levels of the other key electrolytes in the body. The common ranges of these are known to physicians. For potassium it is 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L, while for sodium it is 135 to 145 mEq/L and for chloride it is 96 to 106 mEq/L. While it is a good idea to be tested often and thoroughly, some symptoms might prompt a test. An electrolyte imbalance tends to have mild, but also potentially dangerous symptoms. The mild ones include lethargy, weakness and confusion. More serious ones include seizures and falling into a coma. There are many reasons for an imbalance. For example, electrolyte labs in diarrhea situations will show too many electrolytes as fluid loss will concentrate their numbers in the blood.

What Work Electrolyte in our Body

Any huge variation from the normal ranges for electrolyte panels as outlined above signal a problem. It can be indicative of kidney failure, but there are many possible reasons for an imbalance. If there is an imbalance, take the results to your local doctor. Physicians know how do electrolytes affect muscles, the heart and the brain, so can determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Self-diagnosing is dangerous and can lead to further complications.

What is an Electrolyte Panel?

An electrolyte panel is a testing service offered by medical companies. KwikMed are licensed to organize such tests in most states in America. Check first before you try to purchase a panel test. The process for organizing such a test is simple and easy to do. First, it requires an account with the company. If you have one, just log in, but if not, then just register as it does not take long. For your lab order electrolytes to be completed, you need to pass a consultation into your medical history. Once done, pay for the test and wait. KwikMed will then send you a requisition form by email. This will take up to 24 hours. Take the form to your local lab and a blood test will be taken. You will be able to find out if you have normal electrolyte balance values within three to five days by checking your KwikMed panel profile. If they are not balanced, then it is recommended you discuss the findings with a physician before considering medication.

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