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Electrolyte carbon dioxide is one of four major electrolytes in the blood tested by the KwikMed panel. As part of the wellness panel, it is vital for helping Americans learn about their body health. When used in conjunction with other tests, a healthy lifestyle and diet, it can help men and women keep track of their bodies and prevent problems before they occur.

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What Does Electrolytes Test Show

Electrolyte studies in the body might seem like a fluid and electrolytes imbalance quiz, but they are vitally important to the good functioning of any lifeform. These are charged minerals that are either positive or negative in nature. For humans, they are found in tissues such as muscles and in the blood. In tissues they are vital for moving nutrients into cells and waste out of them. For the blood, they stabilize the PH level as they are a mixture of salts, bases and acids. Common types tested include chloride, carbon dioxide, potassium and sodium. Imbalances lead to the wrong PH level and problems with brain function, heart rhythm, muscle performance and energy levels. This is why it is important to make sure the balances are correct.

What Does it Mean if Your Electrolytes Levels are Normal

If your electrolyte levels are normal, it means that your body’s functions are also normal to the extent that if there is a problem, it is not affecting the electrolyte balance. These balances are well known. The normal value for electrolyte panel for chloride is 96 to 106 mEq/L, for potassium it is 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L and for sodium it is 135 to 145 mEq/L. Any deviation from this could be a problem and any major deviation means there are health issues needing to be treated. Once compared to the normal ranges of minerals levels from blood analysis, physicians can work out the problems. Taking the test regularly helps you understand your own body’s normal ranges. If you feel lethargic, confused, weak and especially if you have seizures and swellings, take the test. A more serious symptom of an electrolyte imbalance is a coma.

What’s in a Electrolyte Panel

When you receive your results, you may wonder how do electrolytes effect the body’s PH. They balance the acidic and alkaline nature of the blood PH by their numbers as these kinds of minerals are either acids, salts or neutral bases. An imbalance indicates a PH value that may be too acidic or akaline in nature. A normal electrolyte content means there is no problem affecting the electrolytes themselves. If there is an imbalance, this can indicate heart or kidney problems as well as other conditions. It is important not to self-diagnose and medicate, but to trust physicians to work it out for you. If your results are not good, then take them to a physician, so they can look at your symptoms, health history, and other tests to make an informed decision.

What is an Electrolyte Test

An electrolyte lab test is a medical examination offered by KwikMed, so both men and women can understand the electrolyte balance in their body. KwikMed are licensed to provide these tests in most, but not all states, so check first to see if yours is participating. In order to purchase the test, you will need to register an account or access one, if you already have one. Once you have done this, you can take part in a consultation session, which takes five minutes, ensures there is no reason not to let you take part in the medical. Once approved, you can purchase the test and wait for an email. This takes up to 24 hours and will contain your lab requisition form electrolyte. Take this to your local laboratory, so the electrolyte labwork can be done. This set of blood test results will arrive in your panel profile in three to five days. Remember, if your electrolytes are not balanced, speak to a professional physician and do not self-medicate.

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