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Health is an increasingly important topic in America and one of the growing elements of total healthcare is preventative action. This usually takes the form of good diets, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but it also includes continuous testing to keep a track of the body’s performance. KwikMed are licensed for these kinds of tests as well as prescribing treatments. The value of these tests is to track changes in the body or to find problems before they occur. Naturally if there is already an undiagnosed problem, they provide invaluable help in working out the cause of the problem.

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What is important for the rn to do in relation to electrolyte panels

Electrolyte panels are designed to investigate postively or negatively charged minerals in the blood known as electrolytes. These play a vital role in all known lifeforms on this planet. Typical minerals of this kind include potassium, carbon dioxide, sodim and chloride. If you have normal electrolyte levels in blood it helps to stabilize the blood’s PH levels as electrolytes are made of bases, salts and acids. Furthermore, these minerals are essential for the transferring of waste out of cells and nutrients in. They are also important to tissue function, such as muscles, and to brain function. This is why symptoms of an imbalance tend to be related to brain function and energy levels.

what does it mean to have an abnormal electrolyte panel

An abnormal electrolyte value is one that is outside of normal ranges for one or more of the electrolytes being tested for. The fluid and electrolytes lab tests expect to find results such as 96 to 106 mEq/L for chloride, 135 to 145 mEq/L for sodium and between 3.7 and 5.2 mEq/L for potassium. If the values vary wildly from these, it suggests some kind of problem in the body. Symptoms of any problem that might make an electrolyte level test a good idea include swellings, lethargy, weakness and confusion. If left un-treated, these can lead to seizures and even comas. This is why it is a good idea to understand your body’s natural ranges for electrolytes.

When they test electrolytes in your body

You may wonder how do I order an electrolytes panel? With KwikMed, it is simple. The process includes checking to see if your state is participating. Not all do. KwikMed are licensed in most to provide this service. To order the panel test, you will need to have an account by logging in or registering a new one. Once in, you will take part in a five minute consultation that checks your medical history. Once done, you will be able to pay for the test. Your lab requisition form electrolytes will then be emailed to you as an attachment within 24 hours. Print this out and take it to a local lab, who will process the form and take a blood sample to be analyzed. You will be able to access the results on your KwikMed profile in about three to five days.

What is normal electrolytes

By knowing normal renal panel values you can understand if the imbalance is a result of kidney problems. Such imbalances when kidney problems are involved tend to be caused by the retention of fluid within the body or the passing of too much fluid. Any variation from a normal value of all electrolytes in body, should lead to the visit to a doctor. This is because they are best placed to understand why the values are out of balance and what medication or treatment programs need to be followed. The worst thing to do is to self-diagnose and to self-medicate.

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