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Electrolyte Imbalance Cushing’s Syndrome

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Cushing’s Syndrome is the result of too much exposure to cortisol. It can be diagnosed in a number of ways and potassium electrolyte levels are one way to diagnose it along with physical symptoms and other tests. The electrolyte test is used to diagnose a range of problems and to keep track of general good health. Cushing’s syndrome is one possible illness that can be tracked this way. Now it can be booked online, the test has become more popular and is helping thousands of Americans understand their bodies better.

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What lab check for electrolytes

When a lab checks for electrolytes, they are checking for electrically charged minerals in the blood. These minerals are common to all lifeforms and are vital in making cells function. The most important ones found in body tissues and the blood are chloride, sodium, carbon dioxide and potassium. These are salts, acids and bases that are positively or negatively charged. As a result, their combination in the blood helps to maintain a stable PH value. In addition to this, they are important for muscles, heart rhythm and brain function. Their imbalance is also often a sign of kidney problems. This is why a normal value of electrolytes test for kidney function is important to consider.

What is electrolytes lab

An electrolyte lab tests blood for the concentration of electrolytes. This is seen as a far more accurate test than urinalysis. These tests are best done on a regular basis as they can be used to chart your body’s electrolytes over a given period. If not, then there are specific symptoms that suggest you should take a test. The symptoms of an electrolyte imbalance include lethargy, swelling, weakness and confusion. In order to know if you have an imbalance, you need to know the electrolyte panel test normal ranges. If you take sodium as an example, the expected range is 135 to 145 mEq/L, whereas for chloride it is 96 to 106 mEq/L and for potassium it is between 3.7 and 5.2 mEq/L. Any lab test for patient with electrolytes imbalance will show a large deviation from these values.

Why do an electrolyte panel

You should do an electrolyte panel in order to determine if you have a high or low electrolyte levels causes in the lab or through some underlying problem. It is important to take this test because these conditions include kidney disease, heart disease and brain disease. If you have
normal electrolyte results then do not worry, but if you are showing an abnormal level of one or more of these electrolytes speak to a physician for advice. Never self-diagnose, but get expect advice on the probable cause of the problem.

What labs are in electrolyte panel

The labs involved in an electrolyte panel test include a blood test for potassium, sodium, carbon dioxide and chloride. This is done in one test. KwikMed are licensed to prescribe this test in most states. In order to participate, you need to ensure your state allows it. Then you should create or log into an account with the company. You will need to complete a quick consultation. The electrolyte panel for elderly patients includes health checks to make sure it is safe to do the test. You will then pay and will receive an email within 24 hours about how to check off electrolyte on a lab requisition form plus the form itself. Print this and take it to the lab for the blood test. You will receive your results on your private profile with the company in three to five days. Remember to take any imbalance results to a physician first and not to self-diagnose.

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