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The electrolyte test kit is not a home testing kit. As it is a blood test, it still needs to be done in a lab. However, it is possible to organize an electrolyte panel test from home then go to the lab for the test itself. This not only saves money, but also gives you the opportunity to have greater control over the provision of your own healthcare. KwikMed are often able to offer this service at a lower rate than in store provision. Furthermore, while it is often used for diagnostic testing, to see what is wrong with a person, it can also be used as part of a regular check up. This allows people to better understand their bodies and the normal ranges of their own electrolytes.

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Electrolyte Panel Liver Disease

Electrolytes are important because they can help signal one of many problems in the body. This may or may not include liver disease or associated problems. Understanding normal electrolyte levels
means understanding electrolytes themselves. These are positively or negatively charged minerals found in the blood. One of their primary functions is to maintain the blood PH balance. They can do this because they are made up of salts, acids and bases. Examples include chloride, potassium, carbon dioxide and sodium. These particles are also vital to maintaining cell function through the introduction of nutrients and the removal of waste from cells. Furthermore, they are intrinsic to heart rhythm, brain function and muscle action.

Lab Electrolytes

The KWikMed panel test for electrolytes is part of the wellness panel and is a simple blood test. If you suspect you have an imbalance, then it is possible to order the electrolytes panel test. This is the case in most states. In order to do this, you will need to log into an account with the company or to register a new one. Once done, you will be led to a consultation page, which takes five minutes and is designed so a physician can sign off the lab test request. For electrolytes on requisition you will have to pay then print out a requisition form when it arrives by email. This usually takes less than a day. The lab will take a blood sample for analysis and KwikMed will post the results on your profile inside a week.

Normal Electrolyte Panel Values

Your labs for electrolyte imbalance will be judged against known ranges for electrolytes in the blood. These typical ranges are as follows, for chloride it is 96 to 106 mEq/L, for sodium it is 135 to 145 mEq/L and for potassium it is between 3.7 and 5.2 mEq/L. Well above or below these numbers signals some kind of problem. Symptoms that indicate an electrolyte balance can include lethargy, swellings, confusion and weakness. If these are present, it may indicate a deeper issue as well. Such symptoms can develop into seizures and even a coma if left untreated. Furthermore, there is usually an underlying problem causing the imbalance.

Electrolytes Lab Tests

Your electrolyte panel test results may be in balance, which means either there is no problem or there is a different cause/symptom. An imbalance can suggest one of many possible causes. Poor electrolytes labs and heart attack symptoms are possible because of the role of electrolytes in the heart’s electric system. Fluid retention or loss can suggest kidney failure, though diarrhea and vomiting can give similar readings. The best answer is not to self-diagnose, but to take the results to a physician, who will look them over, check for other symptoms and will make an informed decision.

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