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Ella 1 Contraception

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Ella a new emergency contraceptive approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in emergency situations. The Ella 1 contraception medicine is meant to prevent pregnancy in cases where birth control was not used or the birth control method may have failed. According to the FDA, Ella 5 day contraceptive is not designed for routine pregnancy prevention and should only be used in the event of an emergency. Ella is available with a valid prescription from a licensed doctor in the United States. The physicians at KwikMed, a web pharmacy licensed by Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to prescribe Ella medications online, can prescribe Ella to you as long as the health diagnostic indicates Ella is safe and appropriate for you to take.

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Ella 1 Day Contraception Prescription

The Ella 1 contraception medicine should be taken as soon as you can after having sexual intercourse without birth control or with the use of a failed method. The Ella 1 day contraception prescription is usually one tablet. The medication is taken by mouth and may be taken with food or without any food. Ella does not end an existing pregnancy and may interfere with birth control that is hormone-based. If you take Ella, it is recommended you use a barrier method of birth control until the end of your recent menstrual cycle.

Ella 1 Day Emergency Contraceptive

Common Ella side effects include nausea, fatigue and menstrual spotting. The prescribing physician at KwikMed can answer questions you have about the Ella 1 day emergency contraceptive, its side effects and potential drug interactions. The Ella 1 contraception medication is not meant for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. Ella effectiveness is lessened by some other medicines and herbal supplements, including barbiturates and topiramate. Tell the KwikMed physician about all your medicines. KwikMed offers ella contraceptive cost that is competitive to other pharmacies.

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