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Ella Contraceptive Drug

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Ella is a method of pregnancy prevention available to women for use in an emergency. The Ella contraceptive drug might prevent pregnancy by inhibiting or delaying your ovulation after sexual intercourse without birth control or with use of a failed method. You may get Ella in the United States with a prescription from a licensed physician, such as the prescribing physicians at KwikMed. The pharmacy, KwikMed has been licensed by the state of Utah to prescribe Ella online. Ella is for use in emergencies and not as a routine form of pregnancy prevention, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

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Does the Drug Ella Cause Abortions

Ella is not intended to terminate an existing pregnancy and does not cause an abortion which is where the emergency contraceptive ethical issue comes in to play. You may have wondered, does the drug Ella cause abortions, but the medicine should not be used to pregnancy. The Ella contraceptive drug does have common side effects, such as menstrual spotting and tiredness. If you have any concerns about Ella or any questions, discuss Ella with the doctor at KwikMed. Make sure you tell the doctor about your health history, your current health and other medicines and supplements you’re taking. Some supplements, such as St. John’s Wort, may interfere with Ella and make the drug less effective.

Is Ella Birth Control or Abortion

The Ella contraceptive drug is an option for emergency birth control for women who need to prevent a pregnancy. How does ella contraceptive work? If you’ve asked, is Ella birth control or abortion, note that Ella is not intended to end a pregnancy and works by slowing or temporarily halting ovulation. The medicine may also make it harder for a fertilized egg to attach to a uterus. Ella oral contraceptive is not for women who are already pregnant or who suspect they may be pregnant. Do not take Ella if you are currently breastfeeding.

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