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In the year Ella oral contraceptive was FDA approved, emergency contraception was only covered by health insurers in two states. It was thus a momentous occasion for women in the USA when 2011 brought with it a legal mandate requiring that all health insurers cover emergency and other contraceptives and ella contraceptive use approved by the FDA. The Obama administration’s new standards of coverage demanded that no co-payments or charges be levied for such coverage. This law was only instituted in August 2012, although insurance plans using the calendar year will only be affected in the first month of 2013. Behind the signing of the law lay years of advocacy and activism by women’s rights movements and specialists in female health care. The Ella Contraceptive price has, for those with insurance, dropped to the cost of the doctor’s consultation required to obtain a prescription. However, for those who use KwikMed, a thorough consultation with a licensed doctor along with follow up care carries no cost other than the medication itself. This pharmacy supplies Ella together with a next day delivery service at a lower price than some brick and mortar pharmacies. Thereafter, a reimbursement from your health insurer protects your right to choose your future in a financially workable way.

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Ella Emergency Contraceptive Price Online

Those without insurance don’t necessarily have to pay the entire Ella Contraceptive price. A little imagination and a couple of cost reducing mouse clicks might earn you a ella contraceptive coupon code or discount code. The virtual world almost always carries price tags lower than brick and mortar options. For this reason, the Ella Emergency Contraceptive price online pharmacy KwikMed charges is reduced. The internet thus provides further savings measures for those who are uninsured. Your personal power of choice is preserved in a single dose pill affordable enough for even the most vacant bank account.

source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/02/health/policy/02health.html

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