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Ella Emergency Contraception Side Effects

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Three decades ago, unprotected intercourse, failed barrier contraception and sexual assault were always followed by shock, fear and sometimes, in earlier decades, a nine month ‘vacation’ at grandmother’s house across state. Today, the experience can involve a calm decision due to the availability of Emergency contraception. There are some ella emergency contraceptive pill side-effects and your physician at KwikMed will point out that the Ella emergency contraceptive pill is little different from its predecessors. Ella emergency contraception side effects are almost identical to its ancestor, Levonorgestrel. Besides the fact that you’re likely to have your next period later than expected, as opposed to Levonorgestrel’s earlier menstruation, you might experience the same mild symptoms associated with previous generation emergency contraceptives.

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Ella Emergency Contraception Effects

Headaches were the bane of only 20% of the women taking Ulipristal in a recent trial reported by The Lancet. About 13% had painful menstruation and 11% had nausea. Nausea is easily treated with an over the counter anti-nausea medication, however and the length of periods remained normal for those in the trial. If vomiting does happen as one of the ella contraceptive side effects, many doctors advise taking another dose of Ella in case the previous tablet wasn’t absorbed. Ella’s higher chances of having your next period two days later could inspire a fresh bout of worry, but this tardiness is common and should be expected. Ella emergency contraception effects are similar to those of progesterone based emergency contraceptives because they do have an impact on hormones despite the fact that they don’t contain any progesterone themselves. While abdominal pain wasn’t mentioned in this particular trial, it is commonly cited as a side effect. Drowsiness rarely happens but chances of suffering from it are higher if you take anti-nausea medication with it. Ella emergency contraception side effects also include breast tenderness due to their hormonal impact. Does ella contraceptive work? Many women enjoy no side effects with emergency contraception and the one consequence Ella is unlikely to leave you with is an unplanned pregnancy.

source: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(10)60699-X/fulltext

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