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The most recent study of unintentional pregnancy in the United States, completed in 2007, reveals that almost half of all U.S. pregnancies are unplanned. Hand in hand with this study came another telling inquiry by the National Campaign, which shows that the parents of unplanned births experience more relationship conflict than those who have planned births. Before 2010, women were only given the option of one kind of emergency contraception, which worked only until the third day after unprotected intercourse. The FDA’s approval of Ella emergency contraceptive pill in 2010 was thus greeted by a spate of news articles and much excitement. This brand of contraception came with benefits women had never had available to them before: its efficiency is higher than hormonal options, it works after five rather than three days and it comes in a single dose. More information is available on the ella contraceptive wiki.

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Ella Emergency Contraceptive Pill Online

The Ella emergency contraceptive pill is a slight puzzle to scientists in terms of the way it works. They do know that ella oral contraceptive blocks progesterone’s effects, which in turn prevents ovulation from happening. It might also make the uterus less inhabitable for the fertilized egg by thinning the uterine lining. Ella works equally well on the first and the fifth day after unprotected intercourse. Walking into a pharmacy to ask for an ella plan b contraceptive remains an unpleasant experience for many whether they’re seventeen or 37. Kwikmed resolves the predicament by providing reputable prescribing doctors online, followed by delivery of the medication the next day. When needed, Ella emergency contraceptive pill online orders are delivered in generic packaging so that women are free to make the choices so crucial to their wellbeing in privacy. A million women who don’t see babies in their near futures have unprotected sex every day in the United States. Assault and failed contraception have statistics of their own. Taking responsible action is, thankfully, possible today.

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