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One Reason That You May Be Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (Hint – you probably would never have thought this was the cause!)

When men experience performance difficulties in the bedroom, many blame themselves but a new study has revealed yet another cause of erectile dysfunction that is likely to make the ladies just a bit angry…apparently it could be partly your fault!

new study actually shows that when women get too close to their partner’s friends he is more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

Some may say that this simply sounds like a case of passing the blame, but when your lady hears this and get’s ready to interject, you might want to fill her in on the science behind this claim so there are no hurt feelings.

Wives Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Most of the time women believe it is in their best interest to pal around with her husband’s friends, after all isn’t that what men want? Well once involved in a marriage, if a women is too close to her husband’s friends apparently he is less likely to be able to perform in the bedroom according to this study. Strange correlation? Maybe not..

At first thought, you might think this would be because as a man he feels threatened that his partner is hanging out with other men or perhaps he is worried she will run off and leave him but according to the study, this isn’t the case at all. While many think ED affects only older men, erectile dysfunction in young men is more common than most people originally think and this specific cause tends to affect mainly younger men.

The study lead by sociologists Benjamin Cornwell of Cornell University and Edward Laumann of the University of Chicago was released in the American Journal of Sociology. Essentially the roots of the finding was that for some men erectile dysfunction causes may come down to feelings of threatened “manliness” when men begin to feel they are losing their male confidants. If his wife is so close with his buddies that he loses the ability to speak freely about his relationship and about what is going on in his life this in turn can lead to a lower amount of confidence in himself.

For those women who think back to the early days of courtship, these new findings may seem about counter intuitive.

Remember when it was sort of a big deal that you got along well with his friends? If they didn’t like you, you were as good as gone. Okay, so to clarify, basic friendship doesn’t seem to have this same impact. It’s mainly if a man feels that his girlfriend/wife’s relationship has surpassed his own with his friends – often you will hear this term referred to as “inbetweeness.” If men don’t have this outlet where they can speak freely about what is happening in their lives the damage begins to happen internally and confidence is shaken, making this one more known cause of erectile dysfunction in young men that can be avoided with a little understanding and diligence.

A More In-Depth Look at the Study 

The study of more than 3,000 men ages 57-85 was part of a survey group from  the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project.

An additional factor researchers discovered as part of the survey is that a man’s age has a very large impact on whether he is affected by these feelings. For older, more established men, their priorities are normally turned more toward their families but for younger men, socialization typically ranks much higher on the list of priorities and therefore the younger the man, the more likely he is to be affected by erectile dysfunction. Cornwell says that age is a factor because younger and older men differ in their opinions of what masculinity really is.

If you are having sexual difficulty, it is always best to speak with your physician to be certain there are no physical or health related causes of ED.

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