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Erectile Dysfunction Information

Erectile Dysfunction Panel


ED Facts

The words ‘erectile dysfunction’ are embarrassing for most men to even utter so to admit aloud they are experiencing ED can be very difficult. While it’s a subject that was ignored in the past, it’s thankfully no longer taboo to discuss erection problems with your doctor and your partner. In fact, there are many men who experience these sexual challenges every day. Once you get the courage to ask for help and learn the ED facts you will be one step closer to getting back to enjoying a healthy sexual relationship.

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Erectile Dysfunction Causes

When a man experiences impotency it’s often helpful for the physician to run a Complete Blood Count (CBC) panel, in addition to other erectile dysfunction tests, in order to identify any underlying medical problems. Depending on the individual the cause could be physical, emotional or perhaps a combination of the two. Here are just a few of the most common ED causes.

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ED Treatment

Erectile dysfunction affects more of the population than many realize. In fact, there are over 18 million American men who are age 20 or older who currently suffer from impotence. As men age, the likelihood for erection problems grows greater. When men reach 65, nearly 15% to 25% will experience impotency. In the general public 75% of men will experience ED at one point or another throughout their sexual relationships.

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Living with ED

It’s often very difficult for a man to hear that he has been diagnosed with an erection problem but with the proper ED treatment and a little effort to keep the passion alive, impotency doesn’t have to mean the end of a healthy emotional and physical relationship.

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Erectile Dysfunction Panel

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