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The FDA have approved certain at home tests for the diagnosis of Syphilis. Syphilis comes from a bacteria called Treponema Pallidum and is an STD that is spread from person to person through sexual contact. This does not mean it is solely transmitted through vaginal penetration. It can be caught from oral sex, anal sex and even contact with sex toys. Condoms do not offer 100 percent protection, and the only real method of preventing STDs is total abstention from sex. It may be the case that syphilis transmission by needle stick occurs, but this is less common, though still a potential risk.

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How To Test For Syphilis

The earlier that this STD is tested for, the better. You may have already started looking up the syphilis symptoms in women nhs website or the same search for men to find out what the main signs of the illness are. You may not have any noticeable symptoms at all, but know you have been exposed to it. If there is a syphilis blister present, which is also known as a chancre, a physician may opt to take a small scraping of cells from underneath the lesion, which will then be tested. However, more often than not, it is diagnosed via a VDRL or RPR blood test which will check the body’s response to the infection.

Serologic Test For Syphilis

One of the problems of diagnosing syphilis is that its symptoms and signs can also be characteristic of other infections like the clap or even HIV. Serologic testing is one way of trying to definitively diagnose the condition if you present to your doctor with what looks like a classic syphilis rash on hands or on the genital area. A serological test involves taking a sample of blood and testing to see if the Trepodema virus is present in the bloodstream. A certain antigen called Cardiolipin needs to be present to indicate an active infection. If this shows up, Syphilis as a diagnosis is a distinct possibility. Treatment is usually given in the form of a long acting penicillin injection coupled with a second antibiotic – either doxycycline or tetracycline. The syphilis treatment dosage depends on the severity of the infection.

Secondary Syphylis Diagnostic Tests

If you’re about to embark on a new relationship or are perhaps even worried about the vailidity of the results of previous STD tests for Syphilis, it may well be worth your while getting tested through a reputable company like KwikMed. Simply set up an account, undertake a short consultation and get the correct form mailed to you. Take this to a local testing center. You’ll have the right test and then the results will be given to you, usually within five days, via your secure account online. That’s it. Safe, fast and efficient.

Syphilis Prevalence UK

Syphilis is an STD best caught as soon as possible, it doesn’t matter whether you live in the UK, the USA or anywhere else in the world. The UK has seen a dramatic rise in the number of cases of syphilis in the last few years. syphilis stages and symptoms tend to come in three ways. Primary Syphilis symptoms will show up after a few short weeks and include small skin lesions. After this the illness may become latent before developing onto a more serious secondary stage in which symptoms like headaches, tiredness, skin rashes and flu-like illnesses may occur, accompanised by a general feeling of malaise and even weight loss. Again the illness may seem to disappear and regress before it enters its third and final stage. Once it has progressed this far, tertiary syphilis blindness is possible, along with damage to the major organs of the body and the nervous system too.

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