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An infection with herpes shows itself in a characteristic way. The symptoms of herpes in women and men are similar, with the appearance of blisters that burst forming sores; these can be especially painful when around the genital area. When these are present you are particularly infectious to your sexual partners, though can still pass on herpes even when signs of the condition are not visible. This is why sti testing is vital, which can be obtained free of charge from sexual health clinics across the United States. The high rates of herpes in much of the country means that herpes testings Philadelphia to New Orleans are still freely available and used by large numbers. However, you may prefer to avoid a face to face consultation, in which case an online service through KwikMed can help, providing you with a kit to conduct the first part of the herpes test at home.

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Tests for Herpes

A home test kit or that conducted at a clinic can take a swab if you have sores on your mouth, genitals or rectum. If these aren’t present, you require a blood test. After creating an account with KwikMed, you will receive a physician consult and this will determine whether you can receive the test for herpes; based on your symptoms and sexual history, in all likelihood this will be approved. This consultation is free, but you will need to pay for the test kit and the use of lab services. Once this aspect has been taken care of, the signed requisition form will be emailed to you, allowing you to use the services of a local laboratory. Once they have the sample from you, you should be able to see the results in your KwikMed account in no longer than five days. A positive herpes test will then allow you to access anti-viral treatment to manage your symptoms and reduce the spread of infection to sexual partners.

Free Herpes Testing Atlanta

Whether herpes symptoms in men or women, you need to avoid sexual activity if possible till you have been tested; even when condoms are used if sores are present in other areas of the genitals, the virus could be transferred to your partner’s skin. Only if you and your partner have been given the all clear can you safely have sex without condoms; unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, herpes isn’t cured by the treatment, the risk of transmission is merely reduced. If you want to find out whether you are free to do so, you can make use of the free testing services offered from Georgia to Alaska. In big cities with a high prevalence of sexual infections, this is easy, as is the case with herpes tests Philadelphia. However, if you are not within easy reach of one of these test centers, make use of what KwikMed can offer in conjunction with your local clinical laboratory.

How is Herpes Tested For

A swab is cultured in the lab to grow cells, which are then inspected down a microscope; trained laboratory staff can identify whether the viral cells are present or not. If alternatively you require a blood test, as is the case when visible sores are no longer there, this can either check for fragments of the viral DNA or whether your body has mounted an immune response by generating antibodies against herpes simplex.

Herpes Culture Test

If you have a phobia of needles, you may wish to be tested when you have the sores to allow a swab to be taken. However, be aware that if the sores are already healing, it is less likely that their cells will be found when the culture inspected. If this is the case, you may wish to reconsider having a blood test, as this does not have to be performed during an outbreak, as antibodies will be present in the blood irrespective.

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