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Recently released hiv and aids facts and statistics show that in America alone, as of 2012, there were well over a million people newly infected with HIV last year. In the same time period just over 450,000 of those developed full blown AIDS. While male to female transmission still remains high, hiv transmission rates male to male have unfortunately slowly crept up again in recent years after a period in decline. This makes the practice of safe sex more important than ever. As well as through unsafe, unprotected sex, the virus can be spread by sharing needles with someone who is already infected. It cannot be spread by touching, kissing, hugging or sharing towels.

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If you think you are exhibiting hiv/aids symptoms then it is important you get tested right away. Some people might not show any symptoms at all until the virus is quite progressed in the body, but typically, if you know you’ve been exposed to the virus and are suffering headaches, fever, nausea and nightsweats that are not clearing up after a sensible period of time, get yourself checked out. Of course, it may well turn out to be something easily explainable and not serious, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Aids symptoms in men and women are the same in many cases. Women may sometimes find themselves more susceptible to attacks of thrush and yeast infections that won’t clear up even after thorough antibiotic treatment.

Home HIV Test Kits

One of the main ways of testing for HIV is to check the viral laod in the bloodstream. Many people find this confusing or hard to undertsand. A detectable viral load in the bloodstream refers to the amount of HIV in the blood. Anything over 50 copies per ml means that there is a detectable load and HIV is present. Hiv undetectable viral load definition refers to anything under 50, and means that further testing will be required over time to see how the antibodies develop. A home HIV test can be a private and exacting way of determining whether the virus is present in the body or not. Using a company like KwikMed for this can ensure it’s done reliably, safely and consistently, with your dignity and peace of mind at the forefront.

HIV Antibody Test 8 Weeks

HIV Antibodies will start to show in the bloodstream between 2 and 9 weeks after infection, therefore an HIV 8 Week antibody test will be a good indicator if you have the infection or not. Getting tested with KwikMed is a safe and reliable way of finding out. Register yourself with us, have a short consultation with one of our physicians, who will send the appropriate form to you to take for testing. Go to a local test lab, have a blood sample taken and then simply wait for them to analyze and send you the results securely to your account. Only you will have access to them.

Negative Herpes Test

A negative result, whether you’ve been tested for Herpes, HIV or any other STD means it is not present in your body and you are not infected. Sadly there is still no definitive aids cure cancer and other complications are therefore still a reality for many sufferers. However, scientists and doctors continue to strive to find medications that will wipe out the disease. If you are newly diagnosed and feeling in need of support, you can contact the aids lifecycle address for more help and advice on where to turn. As with any illness, you are never alone and there will always be people who you can talk to.

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