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Free Home HIV Testing is something that has been developed in order that more people feel they can come forward and find out if they have HIV or AIDS. HIV and AIDS testing is important when you consider that at present, in the US alone, there are around 1.2 million people with HIV and around half that figure again with full blown AIDS. One of the most distressing aspects is knowing how many children are affected by both conditions. Across the world there are 2.1 million children infected, with a figure of around 400,000 beomcing newly infected every year. Raising awareness of hiv and aids facts for kids is extrmely important with organizations like UNICEF creating programs like the 4 P’s that support the prevention of infection of their parents, preventing the transmission to them, protecting those with the virus and providing support for young children who are afflicted.

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HIV Aids Testing

Hiv/aids symptoms in women and men are, for the most part, the same, in the sense that both sexes can suffer the same debilitating tiredness, fatigue and flu-like symptoms that simply won’t disappear. Men may also find they develop swelling and lumps in their groin and armpit, whilst women may develop recurrent thrush or vaginal infections that refuse to clear, even after careful treatment and asessment from a doctor. If you recognize these symptoms, then think about having an HIV/AIDS test.

HIV Antibody Test Afer 3 Weeks

An Antibody Test is a useful method of detecting the virus at a relatively early stage of the condition. It will be able to tell you whether you have a detectable or undetectable viral load. If you have an hiv undetectable viral load risk of transmission is relatively low and will need to be monitored to make sure it either stabilizes or does not get any worse. A detectable viral load means there is a higher risk of transmission to other people. The most probable way of catching HIV is through unprotected intercourse with an infected partner. Similarly, it can also be highly transmittable through the use of shared drug paraphernalia. Hiv transmission rates needlestick injury are lower, but still possible.

HIV Antibody Test Accuracy

An HIV Antibody Test is one of the more reliable methods of testing for this kind of infection. Taking this sort of test with KwikMed means you are in the hands of a reliable and reputable company. Simply sign up for an account, register your details and speak to one of our physicians who will send the appropriate requisition form to you. Take this to a local testing location, give your sample and they will analyze it. The results will then be sent to your KwikMed acccount online, safely and securely. No-one but you will be able to access them.

Online HIV Test

An online test for HIV can provide accurate and fast results if you are concerned you may have the infection. Once you know either way you can then plan how to proceed. As yet there are no cures for either illness and there have, over the years, been many aids cure conspiracy stories which have cruelly got people’s hopes up only to turn out to be untrue. While treatments are still in development there is much you can do on an emotional level to support yourself. Trained counselors can help you come to terms with your condition, as can using things like the aids lifecycle app alongside the charity themselves, who are used to dealing with people at all stages of the illness. You needn’t suffer alone. Aids symptoms in women and men might not be cureable, but if you are aware of the facts it can be easier to cope with.

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