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Taking a free home test for an STD is a convenient and quick way of making sure you are in good sexual health. If you are reading this you may be doing so because you are concerned you have developed some of the signs and symptoms of an STD, or you may have searched online for syphilis symptoms in women photos or been trying to find out about how the symptoms affect both sexes. Taking a test can be a good way to put your mind at rest and find out the bigger picture about your overall sexual health situation.

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Syphilis Incubation Period Testing

Generally speaking, the early stages of syphilis have an incubation period of around 1 to 3 weeks, during which time the sufferer, whether male or female, may notice that they develop little ulcers or sores, commonly called chancres, on their genitals or perhaps on their hands, mouth and buttocks. Roundly speaking the syphilis stages men and women are the same and they are likely to experience similar symptoms such as fever, fatigue and general malaise. The disease can be transmitted by unsafe oral, anal or vaginal sex. It can also be transmitted by the use of sex toys which have been used by someone who has the illness. There are myths that it is possble for syphilis transmission kissing. This is highly unlikely, as is transmission by shaking hands, hugging or sharing towels with someone who has it.

Syphilis Test Pregnancy

In cases where syphilis infection during or before pregnancy occurs, it is estimated that around 70% of all infants will be born infected and it may lead to an increase in stillbirth. Whilst syphilis treatment guidelines for most recommend treatment with long acting penicillin injections and treatment with doxycycline or other antibiotics, pregnant women may be reffered onto fetal medical specialists who will be better placed to advise on individual treatment options. There are no home remedies or alternative cures for this illness. It must be treated with the right drugs to prevent it from worsening. Treatment will kill the bacteria, commonly known as Trepodema Pallidum, that causes the condition, but it cannot repair any damages that has already occured becuase of infection. Effective screening also relies on the sexual partners of the persons infected also being tested and treated too.

Syphilis Rash Hands Feet

If you think you may have syphilis blisters in mouth or the syphilis rash symptoms on your hands, feet or anywhere else, it is important you get checked out quickly. A company like KwikMed can help in this. All you have to do is register for an account with them, undertake a short consultation with a Doctor there who will sign off the right form for you. They will send this to you and you take it to a local lab and undergo the correct tests. These will be checked and the results posted to your KwikMed account online, safely and easily and only viewable by you. It is that simple.

Syphilis Prevalance US

Throughout the USA it is suspected there may be as many as 20 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases, many of them treatable and a lot of them also preventable.It is important that any illness like this is caught as early as possible to prevent you developing severe complications. The latter stages of syphilis can cause some particularly distressing symptoms, from blindess and and hearing loss through to organ failure and in some cases tertiary syphilis insanity and incidences of severe depression and anxiety can occur too. If you are worried, get yourself tested and talk to someone. Do not suffer alone.

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