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Generalised Anxiety Disorder

This is a condition whereby feelings of anxiety, worry or terror are omnipresent, without there being any real reason. Sufferers of this condition will feel constantly tense and pre-occupied with the smallest things which seem insurmountable. The worries and strains will very often be accompanied by real physical symptoms like constant headaches, muscle twitching, fatigues, aches and pains, nervous stomach complaints and irritability or anger.Signs and symptoms

  1. Constant worry or tension.
  2. Inability to concentrate.
  3. Extreme tiredness.
  4. Insomnia.
  5. Weight loss from agitation.
  6. Restlessness.

This condition, while predominant in adults can also show itself in children and teenagers too. It is more prevalent amongst women, though not totally exclusive to them. Sufferers will feel that there is always something to worry about on some level. In periods of relative calm, they might also worry that they are not worrying. The condition can be debilitating and mean that sufferers become trapped or housebound, or cannot carry out simpler day to day tasks such as cooking or cleaning without panic or worry. Outside the house, things like getting on public transport or driving may become an issue.


This will primarily take the form of counselling and talking therapy. Relaxation exercises are commonly practised which enable the use of deep breathing techniques and ways of clearing the mind so that only one thing is focused on at once.
Anti-anxylotic medications may be prescribed. These will take the form of either a beta-blocker or something such as Buspirone, which help to deal with some of the physical symptoms and causes of the anxiety. In conjunction with this, as SSRI might sometimes be prescribed, to help with any underlying feelings of depression that might occur.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is also useful to help get an understanding of why so much worry or tension occurs. Over a period of managed sessions, sufferers are encouraged to try and regain control of the anxiety and stop it from controlling them. They will be taught to manage the symptoms and utilise techniques to stop them from over thinking everything and turning the most minor of situations into severe problems.

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