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You may have some worrying symptoms that suggest you could have a sexually transmitted disease (STD); in which case don’t delay in seeking treatment. While many are curable, they can have long lasting consequences if left untreated. For instance, syphilis blindness symptoms can occur in the later stages and this is irreversible. Syphilis is one of the STDs that people think is largely a problem of the past, but with 55,000 new cases in the United States each year, it is one that can’t be ignored. Initial symptoms in syphilis stages 1 and 2 include a painless sore on the mouth, genitals or rectum, which after clearing changes to a rash that can develop over the body, so you may get a syphilis rash on feet, hands, your limbs and trunk. However, as in men, for syphilis symptoms in women itching is unlikely to occur, which sets it apart from some of the other STDs. If these skin symptoms sound familiar, do not put off getting tested for potential STDs.

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Secondary Syphilis Diagnostic Tests

When syphilis has developed into the secondary phase with its rash and other symptoms including weight loss, fever and hair loss, the test for diagnosis can produce more accurate results. This is because unlike in the early stage of the disease, the body’s immune system has had sufficient time to produce antibodies against the syphilis bacteria and it is these antibodies that the test relies upon. However, it is still possible to identify syphilis when you have the initial sore, but in the first few weeks after infection it is less reliable. Equally when you have no symptoms in the latent stage of the disease, the same antibody test can be used.

Rapid Syphilis Test

After having a blood sample taken you can expect to have the results regarding whether or not you have syphilis within five days. This quick turnaround avoids a long period of worry and if you are found to be infected, antibiotics can be commenced to cure you; once successful you can be assured that syphilis transmission after treatment is not possible, but you should have a repeat test to confirm it is clear before you have sex without using a condom. To obtain the test you can visit your usual doctor, but if you prefer to consult with someone else, KwikMed can provide this service online. One of our physicians can approve a requisition form for the necessary blood test, which you will receive within a day of making payment. Printing this form off allows you to use a lab in your locality to take a blood sample and test for the syphilis antibodies. The results will then appear in your KwikMed account. If you do not have an account with us, register now to access the assistance of our physicians.

Syphilis Test Pregnancy

Even if you have no symptoms you should strongly consider having a test for syphilis during pregnancy, as if left untreated you can transmit the infection to your unborn child. If you test positive and are deciding whether to receive syphilis treatment cost should not come into the matter, as the benefits to you both are huge and the antibiotics will not harm your baby.

Syphilis Prevalence in India

Although syphilis is still common in many parts of the developing world, it is on the decline in India. However, this does not mean that you can be less cautious here than if you travelled to other countries on vacation. Wherever you visit and when at home, ensure that you always practice safe sex until you know that both you and your partner are free from STDs; the only way to do this is by getting tested.

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