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In std screening blood testing is not generally used in the detection of gonorrhea, as other methods are considered to be more effective. Gonorrhea is the second most common STD after Chlamydia, most commonly affecting young people in the 15-29 age range in the US. It is a highly contagious disease spread by infected bodily fluids, most commonly through sexual contact. It is estimated that over 700,000 new cases will be contracted per year in America, and only half of all infections will be reported. Included in Gonorrhea symptoms in women discharge, painful urination, itching, and abdominal pain. In men, the symptoms are similar. Some 50% of women may manifest no signs at all, and although this can also be true for men it is less common for the infection to be invisible in this gender.

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How Is Gonorrhea Tested

Several test methods are employed for Gonorrhea, the most common being the taking of a swab from the infected area, or a urine sample. These are sent for lab analysis for nucleic acid amplification or hybridization tests to identify the presence of gonorrhea DNA material in the samples. Growing gonorrhea cultures from a swab sample or Gram stain testing are alternative methods used in some cases to detect gonorrhea bacteria. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay testing can be used to detect gonorrhea antigens, but this is considered less accurate than other methods. There are rapid home test kits available that offer results within an hour, but for most tests samples are sent to the lab for analysis to ensure accurate results.

Gonorrhea Test Procedure

If you search for an std test online Chicago the results returned will include specific locations in the Chicago area where testing is available, but importantly will show that testing for gonorrhea doesn’t have to be location specific. The procedure normally involves taking either a urine sample, or a swab sample from the infected area. In the US KwikMed are licensed to provide STD testing, and access to the service is very simple with results available within a week. Register online at KwikMed and request the test, and you will undergo a brief online consultation phase with a physician to assess your suitability. If prescribed, you take the test by printing a requisition form and visiting a local lab where samples will be taken and analyzed professionally. The relative anonymity and quick turnaround of results from KwikMed is very appealing.

Gonorrhea Blood Test Accuracy

In a healthcare setting blood testing of any form is considered accurate within agreed parameters, but in the case of gonorrhea blood testing is not considered to be the most effective mode of diagnosis. One reason may be because gonorrhea and Chlamydia often appear simultaneously, and the preferred test methods of swab and urine testing can check for both very effectively. Best known gonorrhea and chlamydia cure are through the use of antibiotics. It is important to know that gonorrhea can be resistant to certain types of antibiotic, so careful prescription is required if treatment is to be successful.

Gonorrhea Blood Test For Men

Blood testing for gonorrhea is not generally advised, with analysis of swab or urine samples being the preferred choice for diagnosis. Traditionally gonorrhea treatment for men and women involved a simple course of the antibiotic cefixime, but increasing resistance of the infection to this has prompted calls for the dual approach of more general antibiotics such as azithromycin or doxycycline and a gonorrhea treatment shot of ceftriaxone. The good news is that although it is of necessity evolving, gonorrhea treatment is very effective and if caught early can ensure no long-term ill effects from the disease.

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