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If you have std symptoms and are concerned following an online search such as gonorrhea symptoms in women pictures then getting tested is the sensible course of action. Symptoms of gonorrhea can include vaginal or penile discharge, abdominal pain and a burning sensation during urination. A standard STD panel will capture most STDs, and since Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are clinically very similar, testing for these two particular infections often takes place simultaneously. Whilst bloods can be used to detect these two infections, it is more usual for a gonorrhea and chlamydia dna probe to be employed, which may sound painful but in fact is a very simple procedure that analyzes a simple swab from the infected area or a urine sample for the presence of DNA from these two diseases.

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Home Gonorrhea Test

Home test kits have become more prevalent and accessible as testing procedures have improved. It is perfectly possible to get tested for gonorrhea in the comfort of your own home using a swab test or urine test kit, but outside a clinical environment the risk of sample contamination is higher. The accuracy of these tests also depends greatly on you following the instructions precisely. A safer option may be to engage the services of a licensed test provider like KwikMed, who can prescribe you a test that can be done by a local lab. This way you can ensure the correct procedure is followed and will receive reliable results.

Oral Gonorrhea Blood Test

An oral swab is one of the methods used for gonorrhea testing, but this does not involve a blood test. Oral gonorrhea, or pharyngeal gonorrhea as it is known, can be transmitted through oral sex causing a sore throat and maybe swollen glands. The oral swab is typically subjected to lab testing to determine whether gonorrhea DNA is present at the infected site, and this would confirm the infection. After being diagnosed with gonorrhea, in whatever manner, it is vital to your long-term health that under the guidance of your physician you follow gonorrhea treatment guidelines. This is a highly contagious disease transmitted via infected bodily fluids, most commonly from sexual contact, although expectant mothers can pass the infection to their babies during childbirth too.

How To Get Tested For Gonorrhea

Wherever you are based in the US, testing for gonorrhea is readily available. Searching for gonorrhea diagnosis Austin for example will provide you with details of both local and national providers. Home test kits, online test services, or a face-to-face consultation with your doctor are all ways to get tested. As a great online option, KwikMed services are available across America. Setting up an online account with KwikMed gives you instant access to request testing. A brief consultation phase checks your suitability and once the lab have done your test, results are sent to you within 5 days in your KwikMed account.

Gonorrhea Blood Test Results

Obtaining gonorrhea treatment antibiotic is an important step in clearing the infection from your body. Certain antibiotics are becoming less effective, as the infection’s resistance to them increases. Many healthcare practitioners are recommending the administration of general antibiotics such as doxycycline in conjunction with a shot of cetriaxone, as this is thought to be the most effective current treatment. Provided the gonorrhea infection has been caught early, the gonorrhea treatment time is generally the lifespan of the antibiotic course prescribed. In extreme cases, where the infection has spread to the blood and joints in a patient, the prognosis is less encouraging as these conditions can be life-threatening. In all cases the earliest possible detection and treatment is advised.

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