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The clap is an STD which is caused by a bacterial infection and can spread rapidly in the person who is affected by it.It can be diagnosed in the comfort and privacy of your own home now with a simple urine test or genital swab ordered from KiwkMed. The illness itself is caused by Neisseria Gonorrhoeae which can actively grow in the urethra of both sexes, the ovaries and womb of women and the testes in men. It can also become present in the eyes, mouth and rectal cavity too. Gonorrhea can end up being spread through unprotected sex with a carrier and can be passed from mother to baby when the baby passes through the birth canal.

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Gonorrhea Diagnosis And Treatment

Amongst other symptoms gonorrhea causes fatigue, painful urination and in men a swelling of the testes coupled with a thick green or yellow discharge. For the oppopsite sex gonorrhea asymptomatic women can be the case, though if symptoms present, it may be confused with other vaginal or bacterial infections, meaning it is often left a long time before diagnosis. Typically, treatment for the clap is given in the form of a medication called Ceftriaxone and another called Azithromycin. The former in an injection, the latter as a tablet taken orally. It is hugely important that the full course of medication is taken and instructions are followed to the letter to prevent a worsening or reoccuring of symptoms. Any drugs should only be taken by the person they are prescribed for and nobody else. Whilst medication is something that will cure the disease, if there has been any permanent damage caused by the infection, it will not be able to reverse that. Sadly, there are now more and more drug resistant variations of the clap being found, so if you’ve been diagnosed, had treatment and find your symptoms have recurred, you must go back to your healthcare practitioner for further help and advice.

Gonorrhea Complications In Women

Due to its ability to be confused for other illnesses in women, gonorrhea causes infertility if left unchecked. Gonorrhea and ectopic pregnancy are likely bedfellows if the former is incorrectly diagnosed or missed during a checkup when a mother is expectant.

Gonorrhea Curable Disease

The good news is that it is eminently curable if caught and treated properly. It doesn’t matter whether you require a gonorrhea test Austin or gonorrhea testing kit San Jose, getting discreet home testing from KwikMed is really easy. Simply register your details with the company. Complete the form on the webpage to determine the kind of testing you require. Within 24 hours a form will be sent to you which you fill in and take to your nearest testing center. They’ll take a blood sample from you and the results will be made available to you via your account on the KwikMed site. It really is as easy as that.

Gonorrhea Discharge

One of the most distressing symptoms of the clap can be the occurence of discharge from the penis or vagina. In men, the discharge and other symptoms can lead to a condition called epydidimitis, which can severely affect the testes and the tubes attached to them. Indeed, the symptoms of gonorrhea and chlamydia in women can be very similar indeed and many people do not realize that these conditions can be co-morbid, meaning that you can suffer from, or have the symptoms of both illnesses at the same time. It is very important that both conditions are picked up and treated accordingly by a safe home test or by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Once this is done, a course of treatment can begin and the sufferer can start to get their life back.

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