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Gonorrhea is better known as the clap to some people and is a well known sexually transmitted disease or STD. This can affect anyone who comes into sexual contact with someone who already has it. It is well known because it is one of the most common STDs in the world and accounted for 350,000 STDs logged by American physicians in 2008. Common symptoms of the Neisseria Gonorrhea disease includes pelvic pain and vaginal discharge. If you ask whats the importance of being tested for sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, it is that these diseases can not only cause physical problems and bring misery to other people when transferred, but they can also cause infidelity and death. This is why KwikMed are licensed to prescribe STD tests in America.

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Gonorrhea Facts

One problem for women with gonorrhea is that fifty percent of women do not display symptoms. For the other half, symptoms can include lower abdominal pain, pain during sex or vaginal discharge. If left untreated by medical staff or undiagnosed, the prognosis for men can include epididymitis, prostate gland and urethral stricture. Both genders can end up with septic arthritis and meningitis if the virus travels. For women, pelvic inflammatory disease is likely. There are many complications associated with the disease. Gonorrhea, like many infections, is becoming resistant to many types of antibiotics, but ceftriaxone in combination with other medicines is currently prescribed to manage the problem.

Free STD Testing Tokyo

Statistics demonstrate that the clap can be found all over the world and not just in places associated with unprotected sex such as college in America. The STD testing in college statistics though do demonstrate why STD testing is so important. KwikMed are licensed in America to prescribe STD tests. Given STD from infidelity statistics. there are many reasons for these tests to be taken. Using gonorrhea as the sexually transmitted disease testing example, most tests prescribed in America are blood tests are these are the most accurate way of finding out if there is an infection or not.

Protected Sex and STD Examination

You do not need to read a paper on the importance of tested on std’s and you do not need to go through a complicated face to face process to get one. While sexually transmitted infections and infidelity percentages are linked, anyone before or after sex can take a test. It involves creating an account with the company and going through a quick consultation so a physician can approve or reject it. The test involves taking a requisition form to a local lab where the blood sample will be taken and analyzed. Creating an account takes just a few minutes and the whole process can take a week. This is not because of the form, which arrives within 24 hours by email, but because of the analysis, which can take up to 5 days. Results are not posted or emailed, but are put on a user’s private profile on the KwikMed site.

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