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The cause of male pattern baldness (aka andogenic alopecia) is unclear and controversial. Both genetic and environmental factors can play a part in a patient’s development of the condition, but the most conclusive and solid evidence points to genetic factors (of which there are many). Because of the nature of the condition, many people decide to use websites rather than pharmacies to order Propecia online – Propecia without prescription being one of the leading treatments for men suffering from male pattern baldness or MPB.

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The direct descendants of a man who experiences hair loss are two and half times more likely to experience the condition themselves. Research suggests that susceptibility to andogenic alopecia is linked to genes on an X chromosome. While other genes which aren’t linked to sex chromosomes are also involved, the descendants of a man with hair loss are two and a half times as likely to suffer from it regardless of the presence of the genes on the mother’s side.

Some evidence relates the changes in levels of testosterone experienced while undertaking intense anaerobic exercise to hair loss of this sort. This normally pertains to adult males who have a high level of endurance. Testosterone is one of the key factors determining baldness and the enzymes which cause it. Anecdotal evidence implies that weight training has a detrimental effect on hair loss because it increases testosterone levels but there are conflicting studies.
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There have been debatable sociological and psychological theories put forward. One theory put forward by Muscarella and Cunningham suggests that male baldness is the result of sexual selection and is an “enhanced signal” of aging and sexual maturity. Aggression and risk-taking natures are perceived to be lower in males with pattern baldness, while nurturing behaviours increase.

In a study, males with facial hair and males with bald heads or receding hairlines were perceived to be older. Beards and a full head of hair were perceived as being more aggressive and less socially mature, while baldness is largely associated with higher levels of social maturity.

Despite all this, some Asian cultures find balding men less attractive and in Western cultures there is a degree of stigma attached. Men choose to medicate their symptoms with drugs they can order from a doctor or pharmacist, and increasing numbers are choosing to order Propecia online instead. One of the reasons for this is that the Propecia price is often less online.

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