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Erectile dysfunction is a condition which affects millions of men of all ages. It can be caused by health problems, like hypertension, psychological issues, such as depression, or hormonal imbalances. Cialis is a medication designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, enabling men to achieve lasting and strong erections. Top Cialis websites are now able to sell the erectile dysfunction medication in various dosages, enabling those who suffer from erectile dysfunction to maintain a healthy sex life.

When a man is sexually aroused a complex set of chemical reactions lead to the dilation of the penile arteries and blood vessels. This increases the blood flow to the fleshy, muscle-like tissue along the shaft of the penis, called the corpa cavernosa. The increased blood flow causes the corpa cavernosa to swell and stiffen, resulting in an erection.

Erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to attain or keep an erection either while aroused or throughout the duration of intercourse or sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis when the man is aroused. The blood flow is limited by the constriction of the penile arteries by the naturally occurring enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5, or PDE5. The PDE5 enzyme is a vasoconstrictor meaning it acts on the cells lining blood vessels and arteries and causes them to contract. When buying Cialis no prescriptions are needed to purchase it online.
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The main active ingredient of Cialis is tadalafil, a PDE5 inhibitor which renders the enzyme inactive, meaning the penile blood vessels and arteries are able to dilate and increase penile blood flow. This increased blood flow means that the man is able to achieve and maintain an erection throughout intercourse or sexual activity.

Unlike other PDE5 inhibitors such as sildenafil citrate, or vardenafil, tadalafil, Cialis’s key component has a long half-life. This means that the drug stays active in the bloodstream far long than its competitors. Sildenafil or vardenafil based treatments, like Viagra and Levitra, remain active in the system for around four hours, Cialis lasts around sixteen. This means that a lower dosage of Cialis can be taken daily enabling a man to have erections and intercourse at spontaneous moments rather than at pre-appointed times, which is the case with other treatments. Men can find Cialis no prescription needed online pharmacies.

Both the high dosage medication and the daily use lower dosages are available from top Cialis websites and pharmacies. It is possible to find Cialis prescription medication on these sites. Either version of the treatment enables men to have lasting erections, making erectile dysfunction highly treatable and manageable.

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