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Viagra meds have become the world’s most popular and successful treatment against erectile dysfunction since the drug was first brought onto the global pharmaceutical market in 1998. Produced by Pfizer, Viagra is the trade name for Sildenafil Citrate, an active ingredient that works by limiting the flow of blood away from the penis in order to ensure an erection remains. This is achieved by suppressing an enzyme in the male body called PDE-5, which is responsible for regulating the exiting blood through the penile veins. With blood being kept in the penis, the patient can maintain an erection where previously unwanted flaccidity might have occurred. Viagra has been proven to be highly effective, with the result that it has become one of the most famous medicines on the planet. Millions of men have benefitted by being able to buy and use the drug in confidence and often get Viagra sample medication to see if it will be a good fit.

Viagra is dispensed in the form of small, blue, diamond shaped pills, marked with the dosage on one side, and the brand name of Ffizer on the other. Depending on the amount purchased, it can be shipped in either bubble pack form, or bottle form, in either 25 milligram (mg) 50, or 100 mg doses. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to be taken from between half an hour to four hours before sexual activity, with the effect that it will then aid erective performance for an average of up to two hours. On occasion, the drug’s effect may last longer.
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World-Leading Erectile Dysfunction Pill

In the years since it first came on the market, Viagra prescriptions have quickly become a completely socially acceptable drug, to the point where its benefits have been shown to extend beyond erectile dysfunction as well. Added to its list of significant medicinal uses, Sildenafil Citrate has been shown to effectively treat the rare heart condition pulmonary hypertension, and it can also be used to treat altitude sickness.

Erectile dysfunction can be brought on by various causes, but Viagra has been effective across the spectrum of this unwanted male experience. As men reach the age of 40, the chances of it affecting them at some stage increases. Viagra provides a potential treatment for the vast majority. Men can find Viagra without prescription needed but care must be taken to make sure the online pharmacy is a legitimate one.

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