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Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is quite common among older men, although it can affect younger men for various reasons. Erectile dysfunction can happen due to stress or anxiety as well as more serious underlying medical conditions. Globally, approximately 1 in 10 men is affected by this condition at one point or another. Men in their sixties and older are four times more affected than men in their forties. Doctors are prescribing vardenafil, which sells under the names Levitra ® or Staxyn ®, to relieve this condition.

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Vardenafil for lasting erections

Men who buy vardenafil can achieve full and lasting erections. Erectile dysfunction is a distressing condition for many men and can negatively affect many aspects of their lives, from job performance to intimate relationships, because this condition can lead to a loss of self-esteem. Erectile dysfunction can have a negative effect on intimate relationships. Erections occur when sexual arousal takes place in a man. Sexual arousal can happen through visual or physical stimulus. When a man is aroused the blood vessels and arteries leading into the penis are dilated and blood surges into the penis. The corpa cavernosa, which is the fleshy and muscular part of the penis, becomes engorged with blood and an erection occurs. Normal erections can last for several hours or until the man ejaculates. Men who have erectile dysfunction have constricted blood vessels leading into the penis. When there is not enough blood flowing into the penis erections cannot occur. The enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 acts as a vasoconstrictor and is responsible for the inhibited blood flow into the penis. This enzyme is only active during sexual arousal. Vardenafil is formulated to prevent PDE5 from becoming active. When this enzyme is prevented from becoming active, unrestricted blood flow can occur in the penis. The blood vessels can fully dilate and long lasting erections can occur.

Men who buy vardenafil can achieve erections that last between 2 to 4 hours and subside when the man ejaculates or is no longer sexually aroused. Since PDE5 is only active during sexual arousal this medication is only effective during sexual arousal and will not cause erections otherwise. Men who buy vardenafil are able to enjoy a full and active sex life. It is easy to buy vardenafil at online pharmacies without a prescription. This medication should be taken half an hour before sexual activity occurs and full instructions come with the pills. Men who buy vardenafil should be aware it takes this medication half an hour to become chemically assimilated in the body so it can become effective.

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