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Cialis costs are most reasonable when ordering this drug through an online pharmacy. This valuable product allows male patients to get and maintain an erection long enough to experience sexual relations. The very best prices for Cialis medicine are obtained when buying from online pharmacies. Cialis costs, including the cost of overhead and shipping, can be cut considerably when the patient compares prices from the top-rated, licensed pharmacies, both in the U.S. and internationally. Cialis on line is available in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg and finally 25mg pills. The cost of a single 0.5mg Cialis pill will cost in the region of $5.00, while 60 Cialis10 mg tablets will cost approximately $1,659.

Potency Quantity Special Notes U.S. Price Order
20 mg 03 Tablets No Consult Fee! $252.00 Order Now
20 mg 05 Tablets No Consult Fee! $415.00 Order Now
20 mg 10 Tablets No Consult Fee! $789.00 Order Now
20 mg 15 Tablets No Consult Fee! $1151.00 Order Now
20 mg 20 Tablets No Consult Fee! $1,525.00 Order Now
20 mg 30 Tablets No Consult Fee! $2,214.00 Order Now
20 mg 60 Tablets No Consult Fee! $4,144.00 Order Now
20 mg 90 Tablets No Consult Fee! $6,041.00 Order Now

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These prices vary between the many different mail-order, or online pharmacies, but will always be lower than if the customer was purchasing from a store. Cialis costs are reduced when using mail-order pharmacies because there is a typically reduced overhead compared to brick-and-mortar pharmacies. The price that patients pay for Cialis cost online is extremely realistic, because the reputable stores sell only brand-name prescription products. Mail-order pharmacies have lower price mark-ups by discount and wholesale. Customers can also shop around quickly online to compare prices, as Cialis costs can easily be verified across different online pharmacies. Going hand-in-hand with great prices, shopping for Cialis online also offers the customer a high level of privacy, as patients normally feel more comfortable asking questions and ordering drugs used for erectile dysfunction, if they are doing so online.

The cost saving realized by purchasing Cialis from online consultation pharmacies, which are also known as prescribing pharmacies or remote consulting pharmacies, is even better. These pharmacies work with physicians who check a patient’s self-reported medical problems and complete a prescription if it is required. A Mayo Clinic study reported that if done correctly, these remote consultations for erectile dysfunction are completely safe. Cialis costs are therefore far cheaper if the drug is obtained through a consulting mail-order pharmacy, than if obtained after going for a doctor’s consultation. Patients may find the cost of a single Cialis tablet, for as low as $1.39; customers simply need to browse the internet and check the many different online pharmacies. Individual mail-order pharmacies may also have specials from time to time, which will add to the savings that an online customer is already experiencing. The action of Cialis in a male’s body can correct sexual related issues and, for this reason, these little tablets are pretty much worth their weight in gold, but can be obtained for a great price from most reputable online or mail-order pharmacies like Kwik Med.

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