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Keeping the Relationship Healthy: A Quick 5-Step Guide for Men

You know without a doubt that your love your wife with your entire heart and soul. No matter whether you are newlyweds just starting down that path together or have been married for more than 40 years, the importance of keeping passion and romance alive should never be overlooked.

Healthy relationships embrace passion, romance and love as well as many other traits that lead to it’s overall strength. So it sounds easy right? Well as anyone in a relationship can attest to, it does take work to keep things healthy and happy. With just a  few exercises in emotional and physical intimacy you and your partner will be feeling all the excitement that was there during your early days of courtship all the way through to your wedding night! Who wouldn’t want to reignite that passion!? If there is not a problem with passion necessarily but more of a physical roadblock to intimacy, you may want to look into ordering Viagra.

Take Time Every Day To Talk

While you are probably thinking “of course we talk everyday!”, think about all the distractions we have now in our lives. From the ever-ringing cell phone to ongoing text messages and email checking on the iPad, we have become people who are used to multi-tasking and likely only half listening to what is being said to us. You may think you are  engaging enough in the conversation, however, it’s pretty easy to tell when someone isn’t giving you 100% attention and chances are, your wife will notice this right away. If you are trying to learn how to have a healthy relationship, consider this step #1 – spend time solely devoted to conversation.

You have opportunities all day to check in with technology, so try powering down for the evening and simply enjoy the basics of talking to your spouse. It’s amazing how different a conversation can be when there are no outside distractions. Even if you both have very busy lives and find this to be challenging, experts suggest that even 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

 Healthy Relationships are Built on Honesty

While many of us grew up hearing that “honesty is the best policy,” sometimes this old saying gets forgotten in a marriage. Are you guilty of telling a “little white lite” every now and then in order to avoid having to potentially upset your partner?

Well unfortunately even small lies can turn into larger ones and a marriage that lacks honesty is one that is destined for failure. If there is something in the relationship that isn’t working or needs improvement, holding this in will only lead to further frustration down the line. Be sure you take the time to voice all your concerns. It’s very likely that she doesn’t know these things upset you so it will help you both if you are aware of then situations.

If communication is a hard thing for you, it may be helpful to develop your own communications system with your wife that will make this a bit easier. Whether it is checking if every few days or maybe just having an agreement that whenever something comes up it will be voiced right then, as long as you have a plan the doors of communication will be open. By being honest and discussing issues, both the good and the bad, you with ultimately be structuring a healthy relationship and marriage that will stand the test of time.

Kiss Every Single Day

You may think that kissing perhaps loses it’s appeal with time, but no matter how long you have been married, it is still really important. In fact research has confirmed how important it is for women when it comes to intimacy. It has been found that for many women simply kissing and taking the time to cuddle in a non-sexual way can actually be more intimate and pleasing for them than sex.

Kissing has many roles in a relationship. Science has shown us that it actually can cause chemical reactions in the brain. Chances are you remember those butterflies which were once stirred up by that first kiss right? Those feelings were the best so why are you missing the opportunity to enjoy them again? These feel good after-effects of kissing come from endorphins and other chemicals like oxytocin which are known to actually bring us closer to our partners and bond us together. Making sure this kissing intimacy is present can separate healthy relationships that have that special spark from dull relationships that smolder with time.

Keep Communication Open in Bed

As husband and wife you share nearly everything in your world, not only possessions but  hopes,dreams, aspirations, fears and secrets so how come it’s challenging to actually talk about things in the bedroom? This is unfortunately a problem for many couples but it all goes back to how most of us were raised. Anything dealing with intimacy was generally considered taboo to speak about and it’s often hard to break down these walls even after becoming husband and wife. Having a healthy sexual relationship however should not be underestimated when it comes the it’s importance for overall health and happiness.

One of the most challenging things a man can experience is actually a very common problem. Nearly 75% off all men at some point in their lives will suffer fro the inability to get or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction). Not only is it usually an embarrassment for the man but it can also lead to depression and feelings of inadequacy in both husband and wife too. It may be easy to forget that women actually end up having strong feelings of rejection or even poor body image when their husband is unable to perform sexually.

If you suddenly become less interested in sex for fear of experiencing ED symptoms again, you are creating a situation that your wife can not possibly understand if you don’t discuss it with her. When you said your vows it was “for good times and bad,” and thankfully with the help of today’s modern medicine, prescription medications like Viagra have helped many men overcome their difficulties in the bedroom. A healthy relationship is still very possible even if you experience periods of ED difficulty. Though you have likely long ago discussed the importance sexually transmitted disease testing has, it is important to be certain you both have been tested.

As Difficult as it May be, Don’t Try and “Fix” Every Issue

Perhaps one of the greatest divides in the male/female universe comes from discussions surrounding every day problems a woman is experiencing in her life. As women, it’s natural to vent but for men, they want to step in and be the one to fix the problem. As challenging as is may be to chime in with a solution when you hear your wife describing a problem with a girl friend or co-worker, sometimes sympathy is much more appreciated at that moment. Women are naturally more emotional and sometimes those emotions need to bubble over without feeling like they are causing judgement.

While men enjoy playing the “Mr. Fix-It” roll with the best of intentions, sometimes women here this as “you should have done this or that” and the feeling of being judged can simply make emotions run higher. Try and notice when a simple hug or sympathetic nod is the best way to handle the situation. Of course it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share your opinion, but perhaps waiting until the venting has calmed down is a wiser decision.

As you know, there is no instruction manual you receive when you get married that has all the answers but if you are vigilant, determined and dedicated these simple tips can help you get on track to  keep your marriage strong, steady and overflowing with both physical and emotionally intimacy.

 Another common intimacy roadblock in younger couples especially, is the fear of pregnancy. The new morning after pill called ella is one that can be used in case of emergency.
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