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Heart Palpitations

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If your heartbeat becomes noticeable, this is termed a palpitation. For instance, you may notice that your heart beats quicker, you have an irregular heartbeat or your heart skips a beat. While a change in your pulse may have a simple explanation, such as taking part in intense exercise or a change in your emotions, if you become more aware of how your heart beats on a regular basis, this suggests there is possibly an underlying heart problem that needs investigation. A condition affecting your heart seems a daunting prospect, but finding out the cause early allows you to start treatment to protect your long-term health.

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Heart Palpitations Symptoms

Besides the fast pulse, irregular rhythm or missed heartbeats that you get with palpitations, symptoms you may also experience include dizziness, shortness of breath and tiredness. As palpitations are also a sign of coronary heart disease, you may notice chest pain that can spread to other areas, such as your arm, neck or back, along with nausea and sweating. The combination of symptoms you have will help your physician in their diagnosis. However, whatever type of heart disease you have, lifestyle changes are a key aspect of treatment.

Heart Palpitations Causes

Conditions affecting your mental or physical health can sometimes trigger palpitations, so the cause is not always cardiac. For instance, anxiety can trigger panic attacks, which may send your pulse racing. Alternatively, thyroid problems, anemia, dehydration and certain medications can also cause a more rapid heartbeat. What’s more caffeine, alcohol and nicotine can interfere with your heartbeat, so cutting out these stimulants altogether may help. If you have developed a habit this may seem hard to achieve, but you can switch to decaffeinated tea and coffee, and effective stop smoking aids are available. Chantix can more than double your chances of quitting smoking, so buy Chantix today to kick your habit for good.

Fast Heart Rate

If you have a rapid heart beat this indicates that you may have poor cardiovascular fitness. This is probably the case if you take little exercise, but is possibly a sign of heart disease, as your heart is unable to work efficiently. Taking daily exercise can help to improve your fitness and with time your pulse will fall, but it is important to visit your doctor for a check-up if you are new to physical activity. Your doctor can check that there isn’t an underlying heart problem before giving you the go ahead to start a suitable fitness regime. At the same time as upping your exercise, you should strongly consider other lifestyle factors that may get in the way of good health, including your diet and any bad habits you may have like smoking. This is another occasion when a Chantix prescription proves invaluable.

One of the palpitations causes that is cardiac in nature and leads to a rapid pulse is a condition known as supraventricular tachycardia. With this cause of palpitations your heart beats quickly, but usually without an irregular rhythm. Often SVT doesn’t need any treatment unless it becomes persistent, but you should still see your doctor to be certain.

Irregular Heartbeat

If you feel like your heart is fluttering when it beats abnormally, this suggests you may have an arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation. It is a common heart rhythm disorder, but if left untreated can lead to a stroke. Thankfully, atrial fibrillation is easily diagnosed by an ECG and it is possible to control your heartbeat with drugs. Lifestyle adjustments can also help with heart fluttering, so you should consider cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, as well as making exercise a regular part of your week. There are additionally two reasons why you should stop smoking with AF. Firstly, nicotine can aggravate this arrhythmia, while AF often occurs due to coronary heart disease, so quitting smoking will help to slow narrowing of your coronary arteries and help with those skipped heart beats. Buy a prescription for Chantix now to successfully quit.

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